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Q2 Germany Newsletter: Learn anytime, anywhere!

The digital age is here, and what better way to celebrate it than to utilise what is available at your finger tips and expand your learning. With increased demands at client site, your personal learning can sometimes take a back-seat.

Online learning can allow you to increase your knowledge and skills anytime, anywhere, and allows those who have visual or auditory learning styles to flourish.

What are the benefits of eLearning?

  • Faster delivery
  • Lower costs
  • More effective learning
  • Lower environmental impact

In this newsletter we have highlighted how you can access online learning at Capco. So what are you waiting for? Get digital, get learning!


We will be rolling out more podcasts this year to help with ease of access to information.

Here's what's available already and you can access them here

  • T2S Intro
  • CSDR
  • Cap Panel 01
  • The Trade Life Cycle
  • Business Analysis Part 1
  • Business Analysis Part 2
  • Business Analysis Part 3
  • Target Operating Model
  • Marketing Cap 001

What are MOOC's?

Massive Online Open Courses

A MOOC is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. There's everything available from Big Data Analytics to Gamification, from University providers such as Harvard and Berkeley.

Capco has identified 35 MOOC providers that you can access virtual training from.

Have a browse here at the training available from providers such as Cousera and edX. You can also download an app from some of the providers and complete the training anytime, anywhere.

Send Europe Learning your certificates of completion so that they can count towards your 40 hours of training at Capco.

*Please note that some MOOC sites require payment to receive a certificate of completion (~$50). Please see our EU Learning guidelines policy here. One MOOC is available per person per year, on a first come first serve basis per quarter.

The Learning Hub has over 10,000 eLearning assets available for you to complete, including eLearning courses, Books 24x7, Job Aids, Video's and more.

When searching for a topic, keep an eye out for 'Mentoring' in the results. This means that there is a dedicated subject expert available on chat function 24/7 to help you with your learning questions.

Log-in here

What is MINDCAP?

  • MindCap is a Capco internal platform for knowledge multiplication and sharing, enabling colleagues (especially juniors) to actively investigate and present a topic.
  • The bi-weekly knowledge sharing sessions have specific topics. All sessions will be held by one or more presenters.
  • The MindCap sessions will be held via Bluejeans to enable all Capco staff to participate regardless of their current location.
  • The 60-90 minute sessions include a Q&A part ensuring that the audience can go into dialogue about details.
  • Recording and archiving the sessions will - over time - generate a knowledge pool and enable people to review missed sessions.
  • The concept is open for a broad range of topics and does not need to be backed up by project experience, this theoretical approach ensures a broad basis of potential presenters.

To attend please look out for the diary invitations and follow enrollment instructions.

Q2 Schedule:

  • 6th April- Operative & Financial Restructuring/Recovery of a Medium-Sized Company through a Large European Bank - Approaches for an External Consultancy
  • 20th April- Enterprise Transactions Successes and How They Were Achieved
  • 4th May- Creating an Innovative Fixed Income Smart Beta Index
  • 18th May- An Explanation of the Traded Risk Measures from a Volcker Perspective

We are recruiting!

The Learning Team is supported by people within the business to help design, deliver and schedule training- so if you are interested in getting involved here's how you can:

  • Trainer pool- We are always looking for more trainers to help deliver classroom and virtual sessions. We are recruiting trainers in every course from Consutling 101 to Presentation Skills. If you think you have what it takes to help people learn and develop their skills get in touch
  • Podcasts- We will be creating more podcasts this year and will need a team of people to help co-ordinate and record these

Email: Europe Learning Team

Find more information on all learning opportunities available to you at Global Learning Group on CiT

Enrol on classroom and eLearning training on the Learning Hub