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Why some people are really in the need for Anger Management Training

Anger is an emotional response triggered by a person’s perceived sense of having been wronged, offended, denied, and provoked or being taken advantage of. For most people however, can be likened to a pressure cooker situation. Pressure can only be applied up to a finite limit before it explodes or before the anger explodes. It is here and especially for these people that Anger Management Training has a huge role to play.

Anger is the most damaging for the person who gets angry. It increases the heart rate, blood pressure and leads to a high level of the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenalin. The person develops a fight or flight approach. The entire body language changes, the physical and the mental reactions also usually show aggression. For the person who is angry, anger becomes the controlling factor to all his or her actions which can be very damaging not only physically and mentally but also socially.

This said, it is also important to account what modern psychologists tell. They opine that anger, if suppressed, can lead to a lot of harm for the individual. Rather, it should be managed, controlled and one should develop the technique to remain calm and composed even when provoked. This is the essence of effective anger management.

Given below are some tried and tested means of managing anger.

  • Acknowledge that there is a problem at hand that needs to be resolved. A problem acknowledged is half the problem solved.
  • Keep an anger log, i.e. keep a log on events or situations that make you angry and accordingly try to avoid the same.

  • Try to develop you own network of support.

  • Spend more time or rather quality time with the people you love and with those who make you happy.

  • When you understand that you are getting angry, try to think of something else or practise deep breathing. Try counting up to 20 before you respond to the person or the situation that is making you angry.
  • Empathise with the situation or the person who is making you angry and listen attentively.

  • Try to laugh at yourself for being angry.
  • · Try to relax.

  • · Live each day as if it were your last day.

  • Learn to quickly forgive and forget.

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