Buda's News

Here's the scoop on our third grade class!

A New Format!

I hope that you like the new format of our classroom newsletter. Not only will this save paper, but it gives us the opportunity to share more about what is happening in our classroom. I'd love your feedback!

Thank You, Miss Hannah!

We were very fortunate to have a high school intern, Miss Hannah, work with our class during November and December. She is a former student of mine who was able to work with us as a part of one of her classes. Miss Hannah's last day was December 18. The students loved her, and she will be missed.

Christmas Around the World

As a part of our study on culture, our class has been learning about Christmas customs around the world. One day we participated in rotations to learn more about how Christmas is celebrated in France, Italy, Germany, and Mexico. A big thank you goes out to Thomas' mom, Mrs. Spencer, who shared her first-hand knowledge of Christmas in France. The students enjoyed it!

Multiplication Reminders

This Friday will be our ice cream party to celebrate mastering the first set of math facts, 0-5. On Monday we will start working on the 6's, but I will extra testing opportunities to those who still need to pass one of the tests. Although students are encourage to draw pictures when solving multiplication word problems, knowing the products of basic multiplication facts will make their work on fractions and area much easier. It will make division problems easier too!

Snack Reminders

Please make sure that your child has snacks at school if he or she is taking part in our morning snack. Thank you!

Hour of Code

Students at Park View had the opportunity to participate in Hour of Code, a global event to get kids interested in learning to write code. Students enjoyed learning how to program the game Minecraft. My favorite part was seeing how the students helped each other to be successful. For more information check out their website. Your child can also access the activities through Mrs. Martin's website.

EOQ Testing

EOQ Testing will take place on January 12 and 13. Is your child ready? Some of our covered math skills include geometry, multiplication and division problem solving, multiplication properties, and perimeter. When we return from break, we will be spending a great deal of time on perimeter and the distributive property of multiplication. We are in need of snacks for these days. Please go to SignUpGenius if you can help!

Does your child need geometry practice?