the murder of Bob

was it self-defense?

what happened?

One day pony boy and johnny were walking because pony boy's brother dally pushed him to the ground and pony boy ran away and johnny isn't wanted at home. as they were walking the soc's Bob and the other soc's started stalking them in their blue mustang.As pony boy and johnny arrive at the park , the soc's slowly creep up on them like a panther sneaking up on its they got close to pony boy and johnny they got out of the car and started confronting them about how they were hanging out with the soc's girlfriends at the movies after the girls ditched them.then bob said that greasers are white trash with greasy hair. then pony boy said "and soc's are nothing but rich trash and spit in bob's face and ran. As pony boy and johnny ran pony boy got caught and bob and other soc's started drowning pony boy in the parks fountain and johnny was getting jumped. pony boy was on the verge of death and in a blink of an eye pony boy woke up and saw johnny with his bloody switch knife and johnny's face filed with fear. and all johnny could say was "I killed him". pony boy looked passed johnny and saw the soc's bob laying down dead.(now reading this paragraph was this self-defense or was it murder?)
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