Legal Aid


The Role of Legal Aid

Legal Aid NSW is a state-wide organisation providing legal services to socially and economically disadvantaged people across NSW. We deliver legal services in most areas of criminal, family and civil law. Find out more about our services.

Legal advice

Legal Aid NSW provides one-off free legal advice to people about a range of legal issues.

A lawyer will give you one-off free legal advice about your issue. They will also tell you whether you may be eligible for further assistance or a grant of legal aid for a lawyer to represent you in your case. They might be able to provide help with simple documents if you do not have a lawyer. They will not be able to help you with complex legal documents.

Whos Eligible for Legal Aid?

Anyone can use our advice services.

Our Work In Action-People smuggling matters

Legal Aid NSW is representing alleged people smugglers after granting aid in 105 matters. Many are being acquitted in NSW after a year in immigration detention and on remand.