Christmastime Toy Drive!

Give Needy Kids Christmas Presents!

`Donate Toys Now!

Don't you just love the feeling of receiving a gift on Christmas? Well, some kids have never felt that feeling. These poor children deserve Christmas gifts, so please donate to this cause. We take toys, electronics, clothes, even food. Take your presents to 123 Sesame Street, Henrico, VA, 12345!


Sharqueshia, age 7, says " I love my Christmas toys! I love Christmas now! I never had gotten a present, so getting one totally rocked. I am so thankful for it. I'm so glad I got these gifts!"

Danny, age 6 says " I never liked Christmas, but when I got my presents, I was so, so, so, happy! Thank you! I can't wait for next Christmas!"

Annie, age 13, says " I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you so much for making my holiday wishes come true! I had never, ever received a a Christmas present, so getting one was one on Christmas Day was probably one of the best days of my life. I am so thankful and happy! Thank you!"