St. Viator Parish School

Viator Voice: March 23, 2020

Our Lenten Journey Continues

Virtual Prayer and Flag: March 22, 2020

How are you feeling right now?

You are not alone. I am confident that others are feeling exactly the same way right at this minute. Please reach out and support one another. Our community spirit is what makes us special.

Above our entry door is a sign, "Let it be known to all who enter here that Jesus Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen but ever-present teacher in all its classes, the model of its faculty, and the inspiration for its students."

These are powerful words that beautifully and succinctly describe what we are all about. Our classrooms are vibrant and learning has evolved as have our schedules and routines. Let Christ into these virtual classrooms.

We can do all things in Christ who strength us!

What can you do?

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Say a prayer for our heroes!

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We recognize that we have many families on the front lines of this virus and other challenges every day. You are especially in our prayers:

Righteous God, I thank You for every healthcare worker and I declare that You are their strength and song. You have become their salvation; You are their God and we will praise You. Father I pray that You will be the God of the people every healthcare worker cares for. Lord, despite the trials they may face in their career, the fact still stands that You are their matchless God. You give internal peace when life pushes them towards anxiety. There is none like You, Amen.

How do I manage?

Children interrupt BBC News interview - BBC News

A Week at a Glance

Suggestions to Keep our Spirits Lifted!

Monday : Mellow Monday

School appropriate PJ or comfy sweats day with your wacky mismatched socks.

Send pictures of your socks to

Relax, we're in this together!

Tuesday: Terrific Tuesday

Make it a super-Tuesday and wear red, white, and blue.

Read a “terrific” book or magazine just for enjoyment

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

Wear your crazy hair, socks, accessories as you listen to Dr. Suess, Wacky Wednesday

Thursday: Throwback and Thankful Thursday

Think of something you were fond of and do it. For example, remember naptime in PK?

Take a nap! Write a note or email to someone you are thankful for

Friday: Spirit Day

Show St. Viator pride and wear Spirit Shirts or blue and gold.

Have your parents post a picture to ViatoriansRUs.

The Holderness Family humorously sum it up

Homeschool Expectation vs. Reality
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What about Mass attendance?

Bishop Thomas made the difficult but necessary decision to suspend the public celebration of Mass across the Diocese of Las Vegas, at least through the weekend of Palm Sunday (April 5, 2020) or until further notice. This includes the suspension of all Church services, parish meetings, and religious education classes, effective immediately. We will absolutely be adjusting requirements once we have an idea of how long this will go on. Father will be streaming his homily so that we can stay close to the message of the church.

In the meantime, I loved this statement from the Bishop:

"I ask you, the people of the Diocese of Las Vegas, to bring your troubles to Mary. Give her your burdens, your worries. Share with her your cares and concerns. Be assured that under her maternal mantle, prayers are answered and miracles still happen.

Mary will not forsake her children in their hour of need, nor will she neglect our prayers in times of difficulty and distress.

In the days ahead, I ask you to consider praying the Rosary as a family, and ask parents and grandparents to teach your children about the healing power of Mary’s maternal care.

I ask all parishioners to pray the beautiful Memorare at the close of each day, directing your prayer toward those who are sick and suffering, those who have died, for healthcare workers and researchers, and for civic leaders, who are under particular duress during these trying days.

I ask you to invite Mary our Mother into your hearts and homes, and to venerate her as your loving Mother, as one who will lead you and your families closer to the heart of her Son."

We feel better together, if even at a distance

St. Viator Parish School is ensuring the continuation of learning and all expectations of students remain. We will ensure that student meeting all learning and graduation outcomes during this temporary closure. The faculty and staff is present in many different ways to assist you during this transition. Teachers are working harder than ever to continue delivering quality instruction while maintaining our standards of excellence.
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Anything can happen if you let it ~Mary Poppins aka Mrs. Vena

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PreK is learning the letter V this week in very unique ways!

V is for VOLCANOs
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Mrs. Kulwin will be so proud of Makenzie and Olivia!

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Farmer Wendy will be checking on our garden weekly!

Farmer Wendy visited the garden.

Speaking of food...what about my April Hot Lunch?

March was prepaid at the beginning of the month and is non-refundable. We are tentatively planning our return to school after Easter Break, we'll revisit then and work out the best way to adjust accounts or hold until May Hot Lunch.

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Angel of God

Will Easter Vacation be affected and/or will extra days be added to the calendar?

At this time, Easter Vacation will still happen as scheduled between April 6th through April 13th. No classwork or homework will be assigned during this period of time. Teachers will be completely checked out of email and their virtual classrooms. We are awaiting a decision from the Department of Education/Governor's Office regarding flexibility with the 180 day mandate - this pertains to teaching/learning - when students are not physically on campus.

Still need things to do?

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Resources from our Counselor...

Our counselor, Mrs. Bev Winterfeld, will be available for Zoom appointments with children AND their parents or just parents Please email to schedule between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Your SVS Learning Support Team is here to help you!!

During this period of online/distance learning, ALL SVS students will have access to the academic support services offered by our Learning Support Team. For students in Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade, please email Mrs. Silvestri at for assistance during normal school hours. For students in grades 6 through 8, please email Mrs. Sligar at Please be patient – we have 450+ fabulous students in our community. The team will do their best to respond to you within 24 hours. Thank you.

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Send crazy sock pictures to!

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Out of the mouths of our babes - can we get an AMEN!

How are you doing today?