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Regional Workshop Bulletin

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What do the Next Practice team do?

We support schools to develop innovative practices in teaching and learning.

Our team partners with teachers, schools, regions and external organisations to:

  • research trends and technologies in education, and communicate these to schools
  • challenge models of practice to improve curriculum delivery and student learning
  • share innovative solutions through leading-edge resources and professional learning
  • conduct trials of new technologies.


The workshops, learning events and presentations below can be offered to a variety of different audiences and can be tailored to suit the needs of your participants. These can be designed to meet your school or regional needs.

Registered courses

SMART Notebook- Beginners module

SMART Notebook- Intermediate module

SMART Notebook- Advanced module

Using blogED in the classroom

VC Refresher

Click here to view and download the full version


Web 2.0 in the primary classroom

Web 2.0 in the secondary classroom

Social Media in your school- When, How, Who and Why?

Personalising the new DEC Staff Portal

VC Highway- preparing to participate in an event

Creating your own VC Highway event series

blogED- Beginners

blogED- Advanced blogging with blogED

blogED- Cross schools blogED

blogED- for non school based staff ( regional offices, corporate staff)

Maths apps for mobile devices in the K-6 classroom

Please note: some of the above courses are in the process of being registered

Click here to view and download the full version

Information sessions

Overview of NSW CLIC Next Practice projects and trials (101 and beyond, blogED billboard, VC Highway)

Possible audiences for these sessions could Primary Principals Association, Secondary Principals Council and other regional events

On-line professional learning

Intel Teach Program

Geogebra for beginners

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