Mrs. Hammans' Classroom Newsletter

Friday, February 5, 2016


In Science we have been working on our Rube Goldberg projects. Today we got show them to first graders. We have also looked at Google Earth. We saw our school and the world.

By: Omar


This week in math, we have started fraction's. We have learned how to say them, and what they mean.We are learning to identify them and shade them, and now we are learning to tell the difference.

By: Manushri


In writing we have written non fiction about animals. We have researched using books and pebblego to get facts and take notes.

By: Ryder


We have been working on vocabulary words. If you come to a word that you don't know you can look before and after to know what it means.

By: Jeyadev

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In P.E. we have done fitness tests. In music we have worked on our concert music. In art we have been making birds out of clay. In library we are working on the authors last name to help us find books.

By: Matthew.