Ivan Ace Avila

This is all i got

My Daughter

I remember I would sit at home bored,to solve this i did what i felt like.

And what I did is looked straight at my parents and said 'I'm getting a cat"

After much debate, I went and purchased a furry feline .

I named her princess and held her close,

But she didn't particularly like me and though I was gross

Yet gradually I taught her to trust me,

So that she'd purr and curl up on my knee.

The first time she ate was out of my hands,

And henceforth she stayed with me throughout the lands.

Every time I come home she's the first to greet me,

And she stays close to me as she climbs a tree.


My Grandmother

She means so much to me

She may be gone from the land of the living

But with me she will always be

Because my memory hols her dearly

And my memories recalls her ways

And most of all I miss her

A love that always stays

It stays inside my memory

And is often on my mind

Because my grandma was irreplaceable

Ping pong god

Most balls people throw,roll, or fling

They kick them or strike them .

But for lazy old me

I like tireless actions

to just stand,flick my wrist and go game.

Ping Pong to me is like eating or sleeping

It comes natural.

It started like everything else i was new too

I was bad,

But the excitement of playing was great

Days pass by and all I do is get better.

Then I realize this is my favorite thing ...

In the world!!!

Trips to mexico

Ever since I was little I will always remember the trips to mexico.

Yellow lines ratted grey pavement Have become our guides

14 hours on the road All the stress of sitting still and waiting

Traffic zooms by life goes on A small convey of trucks,Cars,Campers,and bikes on the back of the other cars

Taking their time cruising at their own pace cruising along

Making Small turns Pit stops

Grey pavement slowly decays Decaying into the brown pavement known as mexico

Just dirt and gravel

for miles and miles


SNOW is falling on the ground,

Shadows on the ground are falling.

Leaves are whirled beyond recalling,

The withered leaves are dead also,

Snow and shadows fall around.

It is as though dread angels knocked

The rusty knockers of the doors fast locked,

Angels slaying us with ailings slow.

And on the verge sad clouds are trailing ...

All the houses are closed like sombre tombs,

Slow snow is filling all the gathered glooms.

Friends Throughout High School

Great friends are such a treasure,

and are often far and few.

So when we count our blessings,

we count great friends, like you.

Loving families and true friends

have immeasurable worth.

And bring the most tru happiness

that one can know on earth.

So we thank you for your friendship,

and we thank dear God above,

for giving us great friends like you,

to cherish, and to love.


When I was a baby, you rocked me to sleep,
And dressed me and taught me to talk,
You guided my faltering, hesitant steps
When I first started learning to walk.
And then came the day I started to school,
When you realized how fast I had grown,
And you told me what wonderful fun it would be--
Then watched as I skipped off, alone.
You make all the days of my childhood so gay,
So filled with contentment and fun.
That the memory I have of my growing-up years
Is a cherished and wonderful one.
And then, when I started to be on my own,
You offered a sure, guiding hand,
Whenever I needed a listening ear,
I knew then that you'd understand--
For all of your thoughtfulness, all of your love,
Your patience and gentleness, too,
I'm thankful--for I have a wonderful treasure--
A sweet, lovely mother like you!