Week Ahead

Jan 4-8, 2016

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, and that you are feeling rested and rejuvenated. The weather seems a bit more "wintery", which will no doubt bring new challenges. This next block of the school year will involve our continued work towards the goals in our school improvement plan, with a particular focus on critical thinking. This month should also include your first meeting of your collaborative inquiries, so you can go ahead and book those days. Looking forward to continuing on our journey of learning, in 2016.

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This Week:

Mon. Jan 4 Day 2- Karen at a meeting at Tamworth; 2:30

Tues. Jan 5 Day 3- Heather Giffen in Diane's room, 11:15-12:55;

Chad and Karen at Newburgh for a meeting in the afternoon

Wed Jan 6 Day 4

Thurs Jan 7 Day 5

Fri Jan 8 Day 1

Coming Up:

Jan 12- Transition meeting; 2:45, Enterprise

Jan 13- Staff Meeting;

Milkshake day

Jan 15- Diane at reading PD session

Jan 19- Karen at VP meeting

Jan 25- Articulation block begins

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...some critical thinking questions:

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