Where is Middle Earth?

Well, I think it's in Switzerland.

To Begin With

When you look at the mountainous terrain of Switzerland, don't you think of the perilous journey of poor old Bilbo Baggins? What about the language diversity? There are more than enough languages in Tolkien books. What about the region diversity? If you step foot out of an apartment building, you could step into a farm, in Switzerland. That is why I believe that Switzerland would be where Middle Earth would be located in the real world.

Honestly, It looks like it...

When you look at the extremley mountainous landscape of the small country of Switzerland, the first thing you think of is "Wow, Smaug would certainly be nesting here." ,you are extremley correct.

Also, they have a variety of languages spoken

Since Switzerland is nestled tightly in between France, Germany, Austria, and Italy, it speaks a lot of languages. It's three official languages are French, German, and Italian, but there is fourth called Romansh, but it is not considered an official language. In Middle Earth, there are over 10 languages, throughout all of Tolkien's writings.
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The High Village

As you can see, there are many different regions. The high rise apartments in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, tower above the small village below. In Middle Earth, there are lots of different regions, such as the Hobbit' hilly lands, or the Goblins' treacherous mountains.
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While you may think differently,

I am positive that Switzerland would be where Middle Earth would be. You may think, what about the weather? Well, it is not particularly snowy in Switzerland like you would think, it is usually only snowy on the peaks of mountains, and that is only because of sheer altitude. So, don't judge a place by its most popular geographic feature...

All in all, in summary, etc.

I think Switzerland would be where Middle Earth is based on looking at the factor of its odd geographical layout, with giant mountains, and soft, and sloping hills, and its diversity in languages. And it also has such different regions, ranging from a bustling city, to a ho-hum country town. So in conclusion, Switzerland is the perfect place for Middle Earth.