The book Thief

Jillian Kura

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The grave digger

This picture is the book, the grave digger. I believe this represents Leisel because it is the first book that Leisel found or stole. “The book thief had stuck for the first time- the beginning of an illustrious career.” This book has a big impact on her life because it was the beginning of her education. This book encouraged her to learn how to read so that she could read the book she found that reminded her of her brother. It also represents Leisel because it was what she found the last time she saw her brother which brought her and Hans.

Standover man

This picture is a picture that is to represent the book that Max painted white and wrote in. This book has to do with Leisel because Max made it and max had a big impact in Leisels life. “During that week, Max had cut out a collection of pages from Mein Kampf and painted over them in white paint. When they were all dry, the hard part began. He formulated the words in his head till he couldn’t recount them without error. Only then, on the paper that had bubbled and humped under the stress of drying paint, did he begin to write the story.” This book had to do with Leisel because he gave her the book. Max helped her because they both understood what each other where going through and were there for each other. They were going through the same situation, both of them had to leave or their families left them.

Letters to Leisel's Mother

This picture is a picture of letters. That is to represent when Leisel wrote to her mom and found out her mom was not going to ever reply. “He says, ‘you know, Liesel?’ I nearly wrote you a reply and signed your mother’s name.’ He scratches his leg, where the plaster used to be. ‘But I couldn’t, I couldn’t bring myself’” This had an impact on Leisel because it was when she realized her life would never go back to normal. I believe when he told her that, it hit her that she was never going to get a reply from her mother and she will never see her family again. It also impacts her because it shows how close she and Hans were. They had a good relationship and this represents it because he told her the truth, knowing it was going to hurt her feelings.