Updates about ALPHA from Mrs. Casey

Research News for 3rd-5th Grade ALPHA Students

We have been working on paraphrasing our research cards. Students should have their question cards in their holed envelopes which is located in the research section of the binder. 3rd graders need to paraphrase at least 1 piece of information from a question card onto a new card and 4th/5th graders need to paraphrase at least 2 pieces of information from a question card onto a new card.

1st-2nd Grade ALPHA Students

In class this week, we read "The Great Kapok Tree" which is a story about saving the rainforest from animal perspectives. Students created a KidPix drawing of an animal in the rainforest advocating to save to save its home and labeling the layers of the rainforest.

Next week, we will revisit the desert biome. We will conduct mini-research and begin creating a lapbook on deserts.

Why Leaves Change Their Color

To go along with biomes, here's an article on why leaves change their color in the fall. Although we don't get much of this in San Antonio, there are places to go in the area to see this happening. Lost Maples State Park in Vanderpool is one place to see this process in action. Read the information from the link below on the process of leaves changing color with your child. Have your child write down one language of the disciplines word (a vocabulary word about the changing of the leaves) on last week's newsletter or on a separate sheet of paper for a special reward when they come to class next week.

Family Field Trip

Our family trip will be held on Saturday, February 21 beginning 9:00am. We meet at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch for a drive thru tour (in your own cars) to explore and feed the animals of the ranch. There will also be an interactive discovery program which will give us an up close exploration of the Longneck Learning Center. The cost of the day is as follows: Adults $16.75, students 5th grade & under $7.50, and students in grades 6-12 is $11.00. More details will be sent home the 1st week of December.

ALPHA Look Fors...

Please have your child remember their ALPHA binder on their scheduled class day and sign their weekly newsletter. Here is our schedule as a reminder:

Kay Franklin ES
Monday: 1st/2nd/3rd grades
Tuesday: 4th/5th grades

Scarborough ES
Wednesday: 1st/2nd/5th grades
Thursday: 3rd/4th grades