By: Kelsee Ediger

What it is

Malware is software that people use for intentional harm
There are many different types of malware

  1. Viruses
  2. Trojan Horses
  3. Spyware

Are the three main types of malware.

More Information

Viruses weasel their way into your computer and then they make copies of themselves and then they can go anywhere they want on your computer.

Trojan Horses is what the con man uses to get into your computer. It seems legit and sometimes even helpful, but it actually allows someone to access your computer and you information, that you probably didn't want them to know.

Spyware this you don't actually know that it's there, it gathers information on you computer without you knowing, which is why it is called spyware.


Malware is obviously something that you don't want to have to deal with, so here are a few ways you can avoid the different types of malware

  • You can download anti-virus software some computers come with this software already installed, but for whatever reason they don't like it, it may slow down their computer, or something, so they just turn it off, don't do that, just go out and find a software that suits you.
  • You can also get a firewall firewalls are almost exactly like anti-virus software, except it keeps out everything, not just viruses, they are almost impossible to breakthrough, so unless they already have access to you computer nothing is getting in there.
  • Or you could just use your common sense. Most likely, if it seem too good to be true, it probably is.