2003, The Year of Emily


All About Me

     I was born February 10, 2003. I was born at Bellvue Woman's Hospital in Schenectady, New York. I started walking around 11 months old and thats when the adventures of Emily Plummer began.     An exsiting thing that happened when I was younger is, it happened at my first birthday. I was sitting in my highchair eatting cake and my hair was all static. My hair was stickig up in the air and it was all attached to the highchair. Everyone was laughing and my grandma took a picture of me. Still to this day when I look at the picture I laugh.

Trends and Historical Events

       The first year i was alive the fashion was low rise and super low rise pants.Also,bell bottoms ,half shirts that fit thightly at the top and small at bottom, and it was popular to have your hair long and softly tosled.             The popular movies of 2003 were Finding Nemo,Spy Kids 3-D,and Scary Movie 2. There were many popular movies of 2003 but , mine was always Finding Nemo.                  The popular books of the first year I was born were Tales of Despereaux and Alice's Adventures of Wonderland. Which one is your favorite.        The historical events of 2003 is shuttle Columbia breaks up on re entry, killing seven astronauts.Also, club fire broke out in Rhode Island during a Great White Consert killing more than 100 people.

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