Just you and nature....

and a survival kit

What you need to pack to survive in the tropics:

  • hatchet
  • compass
  • first aid kit
  • raincoat
  • flashlight
  • water bottle (empty)
  • signal flare
  • lighter/matches

Preparing To Survive

Whether you survive a plane crash or your boat breaks down you always need to be prepared for anything to happen on a tropical island. Your most important tool to pack in a survival kit would be a hatchet. With a hatchet you can make a shelter, weapons, and hunt for food. You also want to pack an empty water bottle to store water. It is not hard to find water in the tropics because it rains often in the tropics. Because it rains often you may want a rain coat for the first day if you haven't already made shelter or collect rain water. First aid kits are also very essential because of any injury that could happen or if you have eaten something poisonous. You can pack almost anything in a survival kit just as long as you have your essentials.