Layers of the Atmosphere

By: Colman D, Cole E, JohnCarlo C, Bryce A

The Atmosphere

​There are four layers in the atmosphere they are called the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere , and the thermosphere.


The Troposphere is the closest layer of atmosphere. This layer is 17 km away from the world and average temperature is -51 to 17 degrees in celsius.


The stratosphere is 31 miles from the earth. It is sixty to negative zero. That is really cold. It contains the ozone layer. The mantel composes 84% of earths volume.


The mesosphere is the the third layer of the mesosphere. It is the coldest layer of the atmosphere.

fun fact: Meteors explode in the mesosphere.


​The thermosphere is 85 to 500 kilometers from earth (55 to 310 miles). The thermosphere is the hottest layer with tempatures ranging from 80 degress celcius to 1,700 degress Celsius. The tempature increases with altitude. The thermosphere also has the aurora borealis. The Ionosphere is in the upper part of the mesosphere and the lower part of the thermosphere it holds harmful solar energy.