Fit Wth Friends

Get Healthy, and Have Fun Doing It!


Improve your physical, social, emotional, environmental, occupational, and intellectual health. Log each healthy activity you complete and compete with your friends. This is a fun, efficient, and competitive challenge fit for everyone!

Your Mission

During this challenge, your goal is to get more points than other participants in the two-week time period allotted. One can get points by completing any of the activities listed here and logging them on the Google Form here. Throughout the challenge, it may be beneficial to monitor other's scores on the result page here.

For each aspect of the challenge, you will set a personal goal. If you are having trouble creating your goal, there are four general goals provided. Your goals will be protected and kept private. If you would like a copy of them, email Katherine Lea. It is recommended that you adhere to the "S.M.A.R.T." template (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Result-Focused, Timely). Explanations of why the goals are"S.M.A.R.T." can also be found in the examples given.

Hopefully, this will heighten your health awareness and continue to do so long after the challenge is complete. To learn more and improve your life, visit the "Learn More!" section and track your food, water, and exercise on one of the listed websites like WebMD

The winner will receive an award from the items listed below, chosen by random by the wheel. Good luck!


  1. Find caloric limit
  2. Track food
  3. Track exercise
  4. Set personal goals
  5. Compare with others
  6. Learn more about health
  7. After two weeks, the person with the most points will receive a gift from the wheel

Track Daily Points

Calorie and Exercise Tracking Websites

Set Goals

Compare with Others

Learn More!


It is recommended that an average adult should...

  • Eat 5-8 ounces of grains
  • Eat 2-3 cups of vegetables
  • Eat 1.5-2 cups of fruit
  • Eat 3 cups of dairy
  • Eat 5-6.5 ounces of protein
  • Drink 64 ounces of water
  • Do cardio or weights 4-5 times a week


Awards for WInner

Possible Rewards

  • Water Bottle
  • $5.00 Gift card to Vitamin Cottage
  • $5.00 Gift card to Sports Authority
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer Ball