21st century educator

By Maddie Milliren

Work ethic

Today the school sysom is very specific in what they want in an educator. The teacher has to make a great effort in helping the learners learn as much as they can. They can do that by always having a good attitude so the students want to learn more. Integraty is one of the most important characteristics a 21st centry educater can have, the school needs to be able to trust the person is going to take pride in there job.


The 21st century educator is required to keep a positive attitude. When the teacher has a bad attitude or a negative one it makes it harder for the learner to concentrate and want to stay in that class. The educator try's to keep a good point of view on the situation.


The 21st century educator needs to have good habits, they need to respect the learners and there peers. When the educator doesn't show up on time it looks really bad so they are expected to be on time. Schools want to hire the teachers that go above and beyond there expectations. The teacher has to dress nice and presentable they also need to listen to everyone and be respectable.