Legacy Times

Vol. 11 - May 2018

Director's Spotlight: Shanna Grubb

Dear Legacy Family,

It's been such a wonderful year! It is hard to see it come to an end. We will miss our seniors so much and the Legacies who are pursuing other endeavors. In case your daughter has not mentioned it, uniform collection will take place next Tuesday during 3B. Be sure to have everything hand washed and hung to dry. Also please don't forget about our upcoming Vendor Night on May 10th at 6:00 pm. This is a very important night where the girls will order almost everything they need for next year and pay for multiple items. I also can't wait for our End of the Year Banquet on Monday, May 14th. I know it will be a sentimental closure to a phenomenal year. Thank you again for your continual support and dedication to the team.


Mrs. Grubb

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Past Board Member: Cheryl Doerr

The EOY Banquet is the last event for the 17-18 Legacy Line team! It is just around the corner and the committee has been working hard to make one last memory for the 17-18 award winning team.

Here are the details:

Date: Monday, May 14, 2018
Time: 7:00 - 10:00 PM
Price: No charge for Legacies, each additional guest is $35
Attire: Semi-Formal
Location: Marriott Legacy Town Center
7121 Bishop Road
Plano, TX 75024

If no guests are attending with your Legacy, please select None in the drop-down box. This will give an accurate headcount. Deadline to purchase is May 5, 2018.

Evites were sent out to all 17-18 Legacy families.

As a gentle reminder, 17-18 Legacies, directors, managers, and escorts will be our guests and have had tickets purchased on their behalf by the LL Backers Booster.

Thank you for using the LINK BELOW to purchase tickets for family members who will be attending with their Legacy. When purchasing on Revtrak, list your Legacy along with the additional guests tickets purchased to provide an accurate head count for hotel. For example if both parents purchase a ticket, you will list three names in comment section.

A Special Note of Gratitude!

We have many blessings to be grateful about as we end our year. We want to extend a heartfelt note of THANKS to the following Legacy supporters and leaders whose names were inadvertently left off our Spring Show program. We want to be sure to give our thanks for your amazing servant leadership and dedication to the Legacy family. Our Legacies and Board love you all and are blessed by your service.

Angela Chapman - Spirit Wear Chair (last 4 years)

Kristi Sauer - Nominating Committee Chair 17-18

Lindsey Penny & Margaret Wilson - Friday Night Family Dinners 17-18

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2nd VP (Fundraising): Keri Goins

Spring Show Success:

WooHoo!! The Spring Show was an absolute success and exceeded our financial goal over the 3 nights! We look forward to sharing exact numbers at the May Booster meeting coming up. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and it was AMAZING!

As always, this fundraiser was successful due to all the wonderful Legacy family volunteers who worked before, during, and after the show each night. We truly appreciate each one of you!

This was the final fundraiser of the year and each event was a success because of your support...here's to making next year even more successful!

Final Reminder:

We have 12 extra Spring Show Programs that are able to be purchased. If you are interested, please contact Keri Goins to pay $10 cash. Thanks!

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Love Note to Our Seniors

We are so proud of our seniors, Lauren Chapman and Amanda King. We will greatly miss you. We are excited and can't wait to hear all the success stories you will have in the next chapters of your lives. We know you will SHINE BRIGHT!

Booster Reminders:

We hope to see you all at our next LL Booster Meeting:

May 22 @7pm in the WHS library

Our booster meetings have been a great time of staying informed, while enjoying fellowship of the Legacy Line family.

We have enjoyed serving our Legacies, Mrs. Grubb, Mrs. Duenwald, and the LL Backers Booster. We have made incredible memories as your board this year and we look forward to seeing the success of next year's board. One of our motto's as a board that we always said....

"Together, is always better."

We will also be having the Nominating Committe Chair, Kristi Sauer, present the slated Legacy Line Backers Board 18-19 which will be followed by a booster vote by voting members.

Slating the LL Backers New Board:

Feb. 9-10: Deadline to nominate a booster member/yourself for Nominating Committee (President will then form committee)

March 2: Deadline for Nominating Com. Chair to send President the Board Nomination link

March 5: Board Nomination link added to March ENews

March 16: Deadline for Board Nominations (nominate booster member/yourself)

new extended deadline to vote!

April 2-6: Nominating Com. Chair sends out board questionnaires to nominees

April 9-27: Nominating Com. collects/compiles/sorts all completed nominee questionnaires

May 7-18: Nominating Com. meets/decides/calls/confirms slated board positions

May 22: New LL Backers Board 18-19 will be presented to booster during meeting and a vote will be taken.

Click HERE for the Booster & Board Calendar 17-18

Coming Soon in May..

  • 5/1-5/3 Officer Tryout Clinic Days
  • 5/4 Officer Tryout Day @ 5pm
  • 5/10 Vendor Night @ 6pm
  • MONDAY - 5/14 EOY LEGACY BANQUET @ Shops of Legacy Marriot 7-10pm
  • 5/22 Booster Meeting @ WHS library 7pm
  • 5/22-24 & 5/29-31 Team Practice Days 4:30-6:00pm

Looking ahead to June...

  • 6/3-6/9 Officer Camp

Get Connected - Stay Connected!

Below is the 17-18 Board. The photo shown on the RIGHT is our talented 1st VP (social), Christie Halverson, who created beautiful Spring Show cookies as a treat for our Legacies.

We appreciate YOU!

President (Mona Savage) - smsavage2@sbcglobal.net

1st VP (Christie Halverson) - clhavlerson@gmail.com

2nd VP (Keri Goins) - keri.goins48@gmail.com

Secretary (Lisa McManus) - cornomac1@gmail.com

Treasurer (Kim Meissner) - Kmeiss27@gmail.com

Past Board Member (Cheryl Doerr) - doerrstop@mac.com

Visit the Wakeland Legacy Line Website: whslegacyline.com/

Stay connected by following our Legacies:

Twitter @WHSLegacyLine

Instagram @whslegacy

Facebook @Wakeland High School Legacy Line Drill Team

Youtube Channel: WHS Legacy Line YouTube

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