The Cay

By Collin Gehl & Henry Schreiner

The Cay

In our guided reading group we read The Cay. The Cay is about an eleven year old boy named Phillip. Phillip lives on a small island on the Caribbean. His mom wants to move back to Norfolk, Virginia (their home town) because world war two is going on and she does not want to get hurt. Phillip and his mom leave the small island saying goodbye to his dad. While they are on the boat, it got bombed by a schooner. Through all the commotion, Phillip got hit in the head with a plank that knocked him out. When Phillip awoken he was on a raft with nothing but a cat and an old black man named Timothy. By the second day he got to know Timothy and he thought that Timothy is the oldest, most stubborn person in the galaxy! On the third day of the raft, Phillip's head injury made him blind!!!! That same morning, Timothy spotted a small island (or cay). When they got on the cay, Timothy used his knowledge to make everything you could ever want on an island, of course no CELL PHONE!!! He even made a hut!!! That night while they were sleeping, Phillip changed and realized he was not old and stubborn at all. For the next few months, Timothy taught Phillip a lot of things to do on the island. On the third month, Timothy and Phillip heard the see shouting. This could only mean one thing a big storm!!! Timothy and Phillip prepared themselves. When the storm came, Timothy and Phillip had to hold on to a palm tree while giant waves crashed above their heads. When the storm was finished they had no clothes any more. Both of them tired, they lay down on the sand and sleep. But when he awoken Timothy's hand was cold in his. TIMOTHY WAS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Phillip buried the body of his companion, for now he only had stew cat. Phillip fished for lobsters, which did not end very well. They slept and ate. Their third day alone they heard a ship coming to rescue them. Phillip was rescued along with stew cat. Phillip had surgery done so he could see with glasses, but he would need to were them the rest of his life. When he is older, Phillip is going to go back to the island. And visit his still-freind.


I think you should read this book! It is so fascinating with lots of description and a really high climax. There are also funny and sad parts. So what are you waiting for? Get the book and read it NOW!!!


Theodore Taylor is the author of this book. He rights many other stories but this one is my favorite. Keep up the great work Theo!!!!
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