The Important Ones

The lives of William the conquerer,King John and Joan of Arc

William the Conquerer

William was born in 1207 as the illegitamate son of Duke Robert l. William was knighted in 1042 at age 15 and in 1066 he was crowned king of the english. Williiam helped create the Doomsday Book. He also fought campaignsto bring the rebellious Norman Nobles under cotrol.

Joan of Arc

Joan was born in 1412 she was born to a peasant family. in April 1429 Charles Vll sent her to Orleans and she relived the city. she was convicted of heresey and she was burned at stake at the age of 19. She helped Charles Vll become king during the 100 Years War. She was proved inncent after her death.

King John

John was born in 1167, the son of Henry ll who he tried to kill along with his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine. He accepted the Magna Carta so he agreed not to get taxesfrom people without them knowing. He invaded France in 1214 but was defeated. John was king from 1199-1216.

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