Makenzie's reading life

My life

before school

when i was yunger i loved being read to but when i was like 3 or 4 i tryed reading to my self but i had no idea what they were talking about or to say any of these words and i would get frustrated because i didnt know any of this so thats when my mom had to come and read to me. I think i satared reading when i was like 2 ish but my mom had to help me with some words still though

Elementry reading and middle school reading

i oved reading to my parents because it help me read ,in elementry school i hated reading in our book clubs because they put us in groups we didnt wannna be in, i hated reading for 3 years from 4th to 6th , i like laying on my stunach and read reading , i like never liked audio books some looks i loved were graphic novels scary books or some picture books but if some one tells me about a book i will try and read . i hate reading out loud and if someone asked me to i will either say no or i will quitely In middel school i liked reading because we get to choose what books we wanna read , in 6th grade reading was not my best friend but in 7th grade i have alreadey read 2 books witch is kinda good for me ,i love thick books because they seem like they have alot better endings then thin books

favorite books

The book im cuantly reading is The terrible two get worse

the tariable two get worse is a very good book i love it because im a pankster and so are they and when they prank people hey never get cought so if you like pranking people then u should read this book

reading is fun

reading is fun you should always read because it takes u into your own plce and you get really good books to read in the car or siomthing like that