by: Jacob Gibson, P-5, 5/17/16

What is a Pediatrician?

A Pediatrician is a medical practitioner that specializes in young children health maintenance and care for those who are acutely or chronically ill. Pediatricians diagnose and treat physical abnormalities/ injuries along with mental and behavioral care/management. A day in the life of a pediatrician usually begins with rounds to hospitals to visit patients like newborns and young children. In the afternoon, one usually goes to the office to meet with other employees to review appointments and to see many patients. In the evening the pediatrician either travels to other clinics or hospitals to see more patients or they end their day at around 6-7 p.m typically.
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Hours and schedule.

Pediatricians tend to work long hours with unpredictable schedules.The average pediatrician works an average of 50 hours per week. These hours spent are usually timed around 7-7pm but change diversely throughout companies.
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What type of personality?

A Pediatrician must obviously enjoy or even love being with kids but they also must find the job and its work interesting. As a Pediatrician you need to see everything you do as fun or exciting. If not the job will most definitely not work for you and eventually you will find yourself in another career. You must also be courteous and sympathetic towards your patient(s) and provide calm, patient, and focused care to all of them. You must be dedicated and diligent to get all of your work done every day for the good of your patients and company you work for.
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What education does one need?

High school graduation is obvious but Pediatricians also follow the same medical training as many other doctors. Many complete bachelor's degree programs and then go on to pursue medical degrees from a medical school. Most pediatricians also obtain a Doctor of Medicine (MD).

How much do they make?

Pediatricians very greatly in annual salary. Depending on specializations and region, pediatricians make anywhere from 170 thousand to 500 thousand a year ( being paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly ).
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