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Ever feel lost, confused, or a bit fuzzy when trying to figure out all the data on MAP? Let's take some time to understand what reports would be the most beneficial. Go to our Unit 5 home webpage. Click the staff tab. The MAP login link is at the bottom on the right. Once you login, click Map Reports on the tool bar located on the left of your screen. The link is also located at the bottom of this page.

Achievement Status and Growth Report

This report identifies the projected growth each student in your class was expected to make from fall to winter. Look at the Reading and Math reports. It also contains the fall and winter RIT and how far above or below each student is from the meeting their targeted growth.

Class Report

The second page of this report gives you a ton of information. Take some time to look at your class data in Reading and Math. This report contains information on how much time each student spent on MAP, their lexile reading score, as well as their percentile rank.

A Little About Percentile Rank

1st-10th%-Well Below Average

11-24th%-Below Average

25th-75th%-Average (50% of the population fall within this range)

75th - 100th %-Above Average

MAP Cut Scores by Percentiles

Red 0 to 5%

Yellow 6th% - 40th%

Green 41st% - 89th%

Blue 90th% - 100%

The ranges for red and blue are very narrow and the ranges for yellow and green are very broad. It is MORE important to look at the percentile than the color on MAP. There is a big difference between a student who is yellow at the 7th% and a student who is yellow at the 40th%.

In our district, students who fall below the 16th% on MAP, are below the 10th % on an AIMSweb Benchmark, are significantly behind on text level (RED), and are making limited growth in interventions, are students who are further looked at for special education.

Class Breakdown Reports - Select RIT and Goal

This report gives you a class composite of your Reading and Math MAP scores.

Student Goal Setting Worksheet

This will give you a breakdown of areas of strengths and areas for improvement within Math and Reading for each student. Once you know your students' RIT scores, you can go to to look for the specific skills to teach.

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