Medieval China

Beliefs and Inventions by: Allison Dalrymple



-Confucius and his followers believed that a good government depended on having wise leaders.


-They believe that a person cannot know the whole truth about something.

-Their beliefs can be seen in the way people are portrayed.


-Many Chinese Buddhists became monks and nuns.

-They lived in places called monasteries, where they worshiped and meditated.

-Not all Chinese liked Buddhism.

-Many thought it was wrong for the Buddhist temples and monasteries to accept donations.


Coal and steel mining:

-Discovered that coal could be used to heat things, and that is how the coal mining started.

The printing process:

-Before the printing process, they were copied by hand and were very expensive.

Gunpowder for explosives:

-Used the gunpowder as fireworks.

Fire lance:

-Weapon; ancestor of the gun.

Built large ships:

-Had rudders and sails.