GCIS Friday Focus 11/20/2015

Be the Key to Our Success!

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Weekly Duties

Special thanks to all the duty teachers and your efforts to keep our spaces in the morning and afternoon safe! Please let me know if there is anything that we may need to adjust.

Link to AM/PM Duties:


What's Happening This Week & Next Week!

Monday: 11/23

  • 6th grade: PBIS Talk 8;25 Gym
  • 4th grade planning day
  • IEP Mtg 1:30pm
  • IEP Mtg 3:00pm
  • 504 Mtg 3:30pm
  • Board Mtg 5:15 (Math)

Tuesday: 11/24


Monday: 11/30

  • Admin Mtg 12:00

Tuesday: 12/1

  • Communication Club 7:45am MC
  • Admin Mtg 1:30pm

Wednesday: 12/2

  • Facilities Meeting 5:30pm

Thursday: 12/3

  • Mtg w/ Tim 1:30

Friday: 12/4

PBIS Incentive Party: Friday December 18th

Keep earning those Key Card Totals as your homeroom works collaboratively to earn our next PBIS Incentive Day! Details are below for you to share with your students!

We have a professional DJ coming in to celebrate our students that have demonstrated safe, respectful, and responsible behavior. He will be bringing a fog machine and a laser light show! We are asking homerooms to submit a songs they wish to hear as they move and shake it to the music!

See the link below (PBIS Dance Party Schedule & Locations) This document provides information about the schedule, how lunch will work, and also other options for students that are not wanting to dance or have gotten more than 3 private dining/recess referrals. If you or your team has additional questions email me and I can meet with you or your team. If you are not a homeroom teacher (specials, associates) we will plug you into the schedule. WE WILL NOT BE HAVING SPECIALS ON THIS DAY. Have conversations about how you want to split up your day with your grade level teams, (i.e. academics in the morning) Something to think about is having your holiday parties on this same day instead of waiting until Tuesday 12/22.

PBIS Dance Party Schedule & Locations

Song List Google Form Link to Share with Students to fill out and submit a Songs

Special Shout Outs!

I wanted to give a few shout outs this week!

  • Special thanks to Heather & Jody for the Fundraising materials and ensuring we have all the items back in. Counting the money, finding students that needed to indicate their prize for all their hard work of selling and organizing the materials to be sent in. Make sure you thank them for their efforts!

  • Great work from Mr. Sawhill's class and their efforts at fundraising! Sawhill's homeroom raised over $3,000.00 alone! Make sure you congratulate them! AMAZING!

  • Overall our school met our fundraising goal! We had a goal of $10,000.00. We were able to raise well about that! We will get a printout this next week of exactly what we were able to net. Great job goes out to the students! Woot Woot!

Look For Focus! Last Call!

Here is the walk through form I am using this year. Click HERE for the doc to see a sample of what the form looks like.

If you haven't completed the look for focus google form please do so! Last call. Details are below....to those of you that already have thank you!

What I need from you is a few look for focuses you want me to provide feedback on. A look for focus is related to something you are desiring feedback in related to your room and instruction. An example would be small group instruction and engagement, or classroom management strategies, etc.

Please fill out this quick google form so I can provide specific feedback to things you desire feedback around. I already know each of your continuous growth plan goals and will consider that when coming in, so think of other areas you might like feedback in! Please respond to this form by Wednesday November 18th by noon!

Look For Focus Google Form

GCIS December Professional Development Calendar

Here is the December Professional Learning Calendar. I have included a few additional challenges for this month! All staff will be completing a PBL Tic Tac Toe instead of meeting as a large group. There way be times where Brenda and I will be coming around to support PBL conversations this month, but we will not be meeting as a large group.

I have also included in our calendar a 10 Days of Twitter Challenge with an incentive that you are not going to want to miss out on! Details on both of these will be sent later this week. We will not be having a large meeting this month to allow for additional time with your team as you wrap up and plan for after break. We will be reflecting together as a large group when we return from break around the 2 challenges mentioned above.

Remember: Our goal in planning a PD calendar each month is to allow for some flexibility so you can get into other learning sessions around the district if it aligns with your individual learning needs. Please take advantage of this opportunity if it aligns with your goals.

Lastly, please use the hashtag #GCISLearns to tweet out your learning on these days! You all are doing so many great things! This allows us to learn from each other without being at the table! Thanks again for taking risks in your learning with twitter to support other teachers in their learning and professional growth!

December Professional Learning Calendar

GCIS Information Hub

If you are looking for a doc, remember they are a click away! Happy Hunting!

Link to GCIS Information Hub