South East Junior High Update: Week of 10/16/16

Thank you all for your energy, dedication and passion last week! Sometimes I find the 4 day work weeks longer than a normal week! I know it was a challenging week with our faculty meeting Wednesday morning followed by conferences Wednesday evening. I will repeat what I said Wednesday morning however in that there is no other place I would rather be or no other staff I would rather work with. This really is a special place and it truly feels like home to me, as I know it does for many others. We have a couple more busy weeks coming up before we might finally feel like we can take a breath. We have our second night of conferences Monday, October 17th and there is a team gone Wednesday-Friday this week at the PLC Conference. Please make sure you are checking in with your neighborhoods this week, especially during the end of the week to make sure our subs are well supported. This is what makes this building unique and special- we take the time to go the extra mile to support each other when needed knowing that if we ever need something, we will be taken care of. If you have some time during our lunch shifts to swing through and say hi to the kids those days that admin is gone it would be greatly appreciated!

Next week is Iowa Assessment testing. You will be receiving the proctor schedule Monday. If you have any questions please let Emily know as soon as possible. If you are new to the building, please check with your mentor or administration if you have questions about how this works.

I hope that you all found a way to enjoy the beautiful fall day today! The weather was fantastic for the Run for the Schools! Congratulations to those of you who were able to participate. The weather looks to stay great for the upcoming days and I am looking forward to an excellent week!


I have very exciting news to report from our Little Hawk Booster Club! As you may or may not know, our SEJH athletic department receives very little funding from the district to support our student athletes. We get a very small budget from the district, and some additional money from the Iowa City Booster Club. This is barely enough to buy replacement uniforms for ones that are lost or damaged, and equipment for each sport. In the past, we have supplemented this with profits from the magazine fund raiser. Over the last several years those profits have significantly dwindled and our fund is drying up quickly. As a result, we have not been able to replace sets of uniforms and are barely able to adequately support our programs. Some of our teams are wearing uniforms well over 10 and even 15 years old. The president of the Little Hawk Booster Club reached out asking if we had any needs at SEJH that they could help with. With the input of Jeff Wieck and our SE coaches, we compiled a wish list and I presented our needs and requests at a Booster Club meeting last Wednesday. The response..... $10,000!!! Yes, they have given us a $10,000 donation immediately and have pledged additional and ongoing support! This is incredible news for our programs and will make a huge difference for our student athletes. The Booster Club will be presenting SE with a check Monday October 17th at 7:30 at the sports meeting. We will also be working to create a stronger partnership with the club and encourage our parents to become involved early so that it is truly a 7-12 Booster Club. If you are free at 7:30 and do not have a scheduled conference, please stop by Gym 1/2 for the presentation! If you know any Booster Club members please feel free to extend a heartfelt thank you to them for their incredible support of our students.

Liberty High Staffing Update

Here is the link to the presentation Matt shared about the Liberty High Staffing Plan. If you have any questions, please email Matt. Thanks.

Reminders and Updates

  • Michelle and Emily will both be out Wednesday-Friday this week at the PLC Conference in Des Moines. Scott Jespersen, the Assistant Principal at City High will be here Wednesday and Thursday morning for support, and Abby Haywood will be here in the afternoons those days. Abby will be here all day Friday. Austin will be available to help with any student issues that come up as well. Please do not hesitate to let the office know if you need anything! Emily and I are available by email and phone. Thanks to everyone for their help this week in making sure students and staff are supported.
  • ELL Make Up

For those absent Friday morning, or for those who left during the morning session, you will need to complete Module 2 by end of the workday on October 28th. Please note that there is no scheduled make-up session. Make-up requirements include completing the appropriate grade level Sample Task (see below) using the Task Analysis Tool (found within Module 2) and submitting this along with the Module 2 certificate. Submit both the Module 2 certificate AND completed Task Analysis Tool, stapled together to your principal/office staff.

K-6 staff should use the Task Analysis Tool to complete the Gr 3-5 Sample Task

7-8 staff should use the Task Analysis Tool to complete the Gr 6-8 Sample Task

9-12 staff should use the Task Analysis Tool to complete the Gr 9-12 Sample Task

Here is a link to the instructions:

SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS who attended the FBA/BIP training on Friday: Please see Jane Fry’s email.

Magazine Sales

Magazine sales will start on Thursday 10/20 with an assembly at 2:15. We will run an alternate schedule that day (included below). Students will be dismissed from their 8th period class at 2:00 to go to homeroom. Here they will pick up their packets and then be dismissed to the gym via intercom for the assembly. On Friday during LHT you will show the magazine fundraiser slideshow to explain the sales. 8th graders will be gone this morning at the field trip and will not have homeroom, but they should remember how this works from last year. Otherwise 8th grade homerooms can quickly review on Monday 10/24.

All schedules are included below! Please let Emily know if you have questions.

Schedule for October 20, 2016 – Magazine assembly


Hall/Locker 8:40– 8:50

1/announ 8:50– 9:21

2 9:25– 9:56

3 10:00–10:31

4(1) 10:35–11:06

4(2) 11:09–11:40

5(1) 11:10–11:41

5(2) 11:44–12:15

6 12:19-12:50

7 12:54– 1:25

8 1:29- 2:00


1st Lunch 10:35–11:05

2nd Lunch 11:10–11:40

3rd Lunch 11:45–12:15

Report to Homeroom after 8th period to pick up magazine packets.

Magazine Fund Raiser Schedule

Thursday 10/20- Kick Off Assembly 2:15-3:00

Friday 10/21- Address and Postcard Turn in (Before school LGR)

Friday 10/21- Magazine sale presentation to 7th graders in homeroom

Monday 10/24- Magazine sale presentation to 8th graders if needed in homeroom

Wednesday 10/26- Magazine Order Turn in (Before school LGR)

Tuesday 11/1- Final Magazine Order Turn in (Before school LGR)

Please do what you can to encourage students to participate in this fundraiser! As stated earlier, our profits have decreased tremendously over the last several years and we rely heavily on this money to support so many of our "extras" that give our students outstanding opportunities. The magazine money supports the SOAR store, science experiments, field trips, classroom supplies, music, art and athletics and so many other odds and ends things. We recognize that the fundraiser has run its course in terms of being a commodity that people are interested in purchasing. I believe this is the last year we are contracted with this organization. I do not know what, if any, fund raiser will take its place next year. It would be great if we could end with a bang!!

This Week and Beyond

Monday, 10/17- 8:15a.m. Teacher meeting in LMC w/ Kingsley Botchway over Implicit Bias

4:30 – 8:00 PM Conferences

Tuesday, 10/18- Michelle and Emily out 12:30-5:00 Admin mtg ESC

Wednesday 10/19- PLC Team gone (Michelle, Emily, Allison B., Kelsi, Allison F., Mary, Elizabeth, Heidi)- Scott Jespersen here AM/Abby Haywood here PM

Thursday 10/20- Magazine Kick off assembly 2:15-3:00 for all students. *Alternate schedule-

Building PD. PLC Team gone- Scott Jespersen here AM/Abby Haywood here PM

Friday, 10/21- 8:50-11:45ish- all 8th graders at Step Afrika! PLC team gone. No LHT- 7th grade homerooms explain magazine sales.

Monday, 10/24 Iowa Assessments periods 6-8

Tuesday 10/25- Iowa Assessments periods 6-8

Wednesday 10/26- Iowa Assessments periods 2, LHT, 3- 1st magazine turn in day

Thursday 10/27- Iowa Assessments periods 1-3

Future dates to be aware of for planning:

Tuesday, November 15- End of 1st Trimester

Wednesday, November 16- No Student Day- Grades due by 4:00p.m.

Tuesday, November 22- 7th grade STEM Fair- @ Kirkwood Regional Center

Wednesday, November 23- No School/No Teachers - trade off for 1st tri conferences

Wednesday, January 25- 4:30 – 8:00 PM Conferences

Friday, April 21- No School/No Teachers - trade off for 2nd and 3rd tri


Wednesday, April 26- 4:30 – 8:00 PM Conferences


Thanks to Allison Brewer for sharing the touching story below about some of our students' real life struggles and challenges as refugees to get from their home in Congo to South East and City High. I would love to get more suggestions, articles, links and resources from staff to post in this section! My hope is that this becomes a true space of collaboration and contribution for our staff. I have greatly appreciated the contributions so far and welcome and encourage everyone to send their ideas and resources this way!