Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Danielle Wightman Period 3

Psychological - Shelter

Shelter as a physical need for survival, this basic need should be accomplished first. Once you have shelter you can then move on to the other aspects of the pyramid. If the needs for survival are not met then there is no moving on to conquer the rest of the needs of the pyramid.

Safety - Military

With the physical needs somewhat accomplished, the safety needs should be after. Personal security is a major part of safety for Maslow's hierarchy of needs not only for just one person but an entire nation. Without security of a nation, that nation will not run or achieve anything.

Love/Belonging - Family

Family is an enormous need for humans and if no family then friends because after a while they become family. Family is with you through thick and thin! They believe in you and push you to be the best you can be, in this sense to achieve self- actualization!

Esteem - Status

This level requires experience to be achieved. Deprivation of this need may cause helplessness or weakness. Fame has its way of getting ones status to a higher level or a wanted level of status. For example Tom Cruise has a status of a successful actor who does his own stunts and has been credited with a daredevil like reputation while still being a great actor is box office movies as opposed to a small time actor/actress who's name is not as known or recognizable. The higher the status, the more respect; the lower the status, the less respect which can alter ones esteem.

Self - Actualization --

This level of need represents a persons full potential. Such as a CEO of a major corporation could be the best he/she can be. In order to reach this level of need the other four levels must be reached and mastered before conquering self-actualization. A CEO has reached the top of the company and for their lives have reached the highest paying job, most respect/highest status, and hopefully a loving family and/or friends.

Danielle Wightman