Dr. Wise

4th Grade Unit on Fractions

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I can ...

*learn fraction vocabulary

*decompose fractions in different ways improper, mixed, and regular fractions

*add and subtract fractions

* multiply fractions

*simplify fractions

* solve word problems with fractions

* find equivalent fractions

* compare fractions

* change fractions to decimals

Fraction Vocabulary:

numerator: the top number of a fraction

denominator: the bottom part of the fraction

mixed number: when a fraction has a whole number and a fraction

improper fraction: when the numerator is bigger than the denominator

simplest or lowest terms: reducing the fraction to its lowest terms

equivalent fractions: equal fractions by simplifying or multiplying the top and bottom by the same thing

What is a Fraction?

Decomposing Fractions

First click on the Decomposing Fractions: Website. This website will teach you how to decompose fractions.
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Decomposing FRACTIONS Activity

log in information: student first name: Dr. student last name: Wise username: drwise713 password: 1234

Your Turn: Follow the directions on the task card.

*You can draw the blocks to show the picture.
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Decomposing an Improper Fraction Example

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Fractions and Number Lines

Comparing Fractions

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Your Turn: Compare the Fractions

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Add and Subtract Fractions

Changing Fractions to Decimals

Equivalent Fractions

Word Problems and Fractions

Fractions on a Line Plot