January 2017

Headteacher's News

Dear Parents/Carers

Amongst the poor weather and awful bugs doing the rounds, there are some really positive news stories from the school!

The house competition is still going strong with 904 student entries since September into various competitions plus staff participation. We are recording on average in excess of 4500-5000 positive behaviour tokens per week now. There has also been a strong participation in leadership roles within school.

The House Captains are now working with Heads of House to train the next year group but also to look at bringing in the younger students a bit more. The pin badges are slowly coming along with Peer Listener, First Aid Assistant and Media Team badges being given out in the next few weeks during assemblies.

Year 11

The term began with Year 11 data analysis based on the students’ performance in the PPEs (mocks). This has been followed up by a Celebration of Achievement Assembly- where each subject awarded a ‘Golden Ticket’ to the student who had made the most progress between the different assessment points- PR1 and PR2.

Each department has RAG-rated the students in their cohort to identify the level of intervention needed. Intervention or ‘bucket nights’ are critical to success at GCSE. Bucket 1 intervention happens on Tuesday, Bucket 2 is on Wednesday evening and Bucket 3 is a Thursday. Our students know this.

Some subjects are also offering half-term intervention. This is either to support the completion of Controlled Assessment or, in the case of English, as a master class to help students prepare for their Literature exam. English, Maths and Science will also be working together with a cohort of students who are achieving their target grade in one of these areas but not in the others.

Currently a whole school ‘100 Day Plan’ (the number of days left until the final exam after half-term) is being created to ensure that all stakeholders know important dates and key information about Year 11.

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams (PPEs) took place in week 2. All Year 10 students sat English and Maths papers in the Sports Hall to experience the full examination process.

Year 9 and 10 parents were invited to a GCSE Support Night on 26th January. During the meeting, parents received important information about the changes to the GCSEs, such as moving from alphabetical to numerical grading systems, the importance of preparation, managing stress and anxiety with your child and a brief overview of Progress 8.

This term we have piloted the new way of sharing students’ progress with Year 7 parents. This is a new way of reporting on students’ progress and has been used by mentors during the Academic Reviews that took place during the week beginning the 9th January. There is still some work to do to make sure that these reports are as user-friendly as possible as initial responses felt that, although they were clear on progress, parents wanted an overview of what had been studied as well as the skills covered.

Developing Employer Engagement

Year 8 Choices Day is Monday 6th February 2017. The aims of the Year 8 Choices Day are to:

1. Provide students with taster lessons for the ‘new’ subjects;

2. Provide students with curriculum-linked employer engagement.

We have 21 employers working with our Year students.

Bristol Rovers, Bristol University and T2 Apprenticeship will be providing additional bespoke sessions to targeted Years 9, 10 and 11 students.

The Thornbury Rotary Group will be providing 12 or so employers towards the end of Term 3/start of Term 4 to provide mock interviews and feedback to our Year 9 and 10 employability groups.


We are planning for an extensive Year 8 Options programme, which will include:

· A baseline questionnaire with all Year 8 students;

· Taster lessons;

· Assemblies;

· Training for mentors for consultation meetings;

· Reviewing and tweaking pathways.


We are working very hard to keep the site clean at all times. As a community of people and learners, can I ask that you support us in having a dialogue at home about the importance of using bins and taking care of the environment around you. Education is key!

Mr Spence

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Key Stage 4 Students - Important Dates

Please find below the important dates for Years 9, 10 and 11 students regarding assessments and opportunities to discuss your child's progress with their mentor. Teachers are regularly monitoring students’ progress in lessons in both formative and summative assessments. The Pre Public Exams are an opportunity for all of our Key Stage 4 students to experience the formality of real GCSE exams. In doing this, we are giving the students the skills to ensure that they are able to manage with the pressure of GCSE exams at the end of Year 11.

Year 9

  • Pre Public Exams: 24th April - 5th May
  • Academic Review Week: 19th June - 23rd June

Year 10

  • Academic Review Week: 6th March -10th March
  • Pre Public Exams: 26th June - 30th June
  • Work Experience: 10th July - 14th July

Year 11

  • Pre Public Exams: 6th March - 17th March
  • Academic Review Week: 27th March – 31st March

Mrs Hobson

Year 11 Art Students Gallery Visits

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On Tuesday 10th January, art students in Year 11 visited the National Art Gallery and the Tate Britain gallery in support of the start of the art exam.

Students took the opportunity to view very traditional artwork first-hand in the National Gallery. We enjoyed a lunch break on Trafalgar Square.

After lunch we took a short walk past the The Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and the River Thames.

Arriving at the Tate Britain, students enjoyed the wider range of work exhibited in the beautiful gallery space. Each student took the opportunity to photograph work they felt inspired by and had the opportunity to draw first-hand in the gallery spaces.

Mrs Beedle enjoyed talking about the artwork seen in the galleries. From conversations it was clear that students had gained a better understanding and appreciation for the artwork that most had only previously seen in books.

Well done to all students involved.

Mrs Beedle

Senior Schools’ Art Exhibition Bristol Cathedral

Year 11 students will be showing off their skills at the annual Senior Schools' Art Exhibition at Bristol Cathedral from the 10th until the 21st of February. Admission is free and the exhibition culminates with a prize-giving evening to end the event. Mangotsfield students have been prize winners in the past and we are looking forward to viewing their entries this year. Everyone is welcome so please go along to support them.
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Bath Taps Festival - The Programme is Here

The Bath Taps into Science Festival brochure is complete and jam-packed with activities for young and old kicking off on Saturday 11th March with a fun show at Hayesfield Girls School and culminates with our amazing Family Fair on Saturday 18th March in Royal Victoria Park. Throughout the week we have activities in schools, in the local community and at the University of Bath and they are all FREE!!!

These events are a wonderful opportunity for children, teachers and parents to engage with Science, have fun and most importantly promote STEM.

The brochure is attached. You can download copies and a printable version on the following link.

Keep updated with all the latest information by visiting our website and also subscribing to our Bath Taps Newsletter

We look forward to seeing you during our Bath Taps week!

Michelle Smith

Festival Administrator

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House News

House Competition update- Since November 16

Our strongest week to date saw 6576 tokens (issued to our students for uniform, work, good behaviour etc. The students are really buying into this scheme and during break and lunch you see students come along to cash in their tokens.

This token scheme has a very high impact at no physical cost to the school. It is a great carrot for the students and their bid to end the year as the top house. We have installed a new notice board and totaliser in the student reception for all to see and admire.

The smaller competitions with no sporting link are really engaging our students. One example of this was the Wii Bowling where a quiet, shy boy who rarely gets picked for anything had the highest score in qualification and again in the final. This provided him with a great confidence boost when his name was up for all to see in assembly and he has contributed to his house.

Pupil Premium Participation

Overall we are at 24.6% Pupil Premium participation (up from 23.7% at last report) which is something that I am keen to continue improving. There have been stand out competitions with high PP participation including:

Basketball: 66.6%

Would I Lie to You: 53%

Photography Competition: 43%

There has also been a strong participation in leadership roles within school. Training sessions will be rolled out again this academic year but at present 33% of our trained Peer Listeners and 50% of our First Aid Assistants are Pupil Premium students.

Leadership Roles with Vertical Tutoring

The house captains are now working with Heads of House to train the next year group but also to look at bringing in the younger students. Chase House are introducing a three tier student leadership pyramid to offer the youngest students a voice within the House.

The celebration assemblies before Christmas went very well with a slideshow of photographs, data and quotes. This is a great way for us all to reflect on how much has gone on in the last two terms and celebrate.

Mr Jordan

House Competition Co-ordinator

Head of House Messages


Chase is going from strength to strength. The Chase Leadership Team made up of thirteen Year 11 students is taking the House on to the next stage. Applications have been requested from younger students to create a larger team to support their House on a wider scale in three areas - academic excellence, looking after our own and team spirit. They can either apply by letter or collect an application form from their mentor. The closing date is 3rd February 2017. Good luck to all that are applying. Interviews are after half-term.

Miss Hawkins

Head of Chase House


Thank you to Mr Gilpin for all his hard work in establishing a well rounded House. Having done all the groundwork, he has made it very easy for me to step back into the Head of House role and I am confident that Pomphrey will continue to go from strength to strength.

Well done to Pomphrey for winning the Badminton competition. We will now have a big push on participation rates in the rest of the competitions to ensure we are at the top of the leadership board overall.

Thank you to the Pomphrey students for such a warm welcome back.

Miss Vincent

Head of Pomphrey House


Rodway has continued to chase down Chase! We have won 3 of the last 4 weeks! There has already been some fantastic achievements in Year 11 with Poppy Niamh, Daisy Bignell, Emma Chard, Gabrielle Eyles and Sam Cooper already gaining 4 distinctions and a Merit for Health and Social Care! Mr Deplechin has now started to run the Rodway reward 'Cherries on Top' ceremony on Fridays and has had nearly 100 nominations from staff for students excelling in the classroom - the signs are good!

Mr Fear

House of Rodway House


I am thrilled to see Siston students making a strong comeback in 2017. With an astonishing 1905 reward tickets being earned in just one week, it is a testament to students' achievements in and outside of the classroom. Participation has been strong and a competitive ethos is ever growing. It is fantastic to see so many of the students in the house representing the school in sporting teams, notably: Aidan Connolly; Josh Parish; Archie Kenway; Ryley Tower; Oli Hulbert and Joe Beardwell, who all represented the House as part of the Year 10 football team reaching the last 32 schools in the country earlier this month. A real triumph by the boys.

Siston students are also showing ambition outside of the classroom and I would like to congratulate Sammy Bayou (Y7, S10) for being selected to play against Lithuania U12's academy and Katie Robbins (Y11, S10) for being selected to train with Team GB as part of a new Olympic sport involving running and shooting - well done! I love hearing of such successes, so please continue to share these with me.

Furthermore, as Head of House, it is also a real privilege to be able to get into lessons and see how engaged the students are in their learning. Well done to all those Year 11 students who have recently completed their Health & Social Care qualification, with a special mention to Nicole Dann who achieved two grades higher than predicted - brilliant!

We remain on top for House attendance and continue to close the gap in House points.
I have been discussing with students in assembly the importance of a 'can do' attitude and the power of visualisation; believing in themselves is vital in securing success. I want 2017 to be the most positive year for them all and I am honoured to be back leading the House.

Mr Emery

Head of Siston House

Year 8 Visit Emersons Green Primary

Just before Christmas a group of Year 8 students took part in an activity at Emersons Green Primary School. The students all went to Emersons Green Primary themselves and it was a great opportunity to return to work with the current Year 6 children.

The activities included a question and answer session about life at Mangotsfield School to give the Year 6 children a chance to answer any burning questions. The main activity was to design and decorate some gingerbread biscuits with the help of our Year 8 helpers. This was a nice activity that gave them the chance to ask questions in small groups about life at secondary school. We ended the day with a Christmas karaoke and prize-giving for some of the students.

This provided our Year 8 students with a fantastic opportunity to return to their old school, work with some younger students and pass on their own experiences and advice about stepping up to secondary school. The exercise also allowed the students to develop skills in team work and communication. The students represented themselves and the school fantastically as well as having a little fun in the process.

A special thanks to Emersons Green Primary School for facilitating us, Mr Elkington for driving us and the Year 8 students for making the afternoon an enjoyment.

Chess Club

Chess Club is up and running on Monday afternoons in the LRC from 3.15 pm - 4.15 pm. The lunchtime players are predominantly boys, so it was good to have two female students joining us after school recently.

We have two senior students helping with the club this year; Tom Carter and Oliver Stubbs are seasoned players who compete in national competitions. They are there to help improve up-and-coming players and coach beginners.

We hope to establish a House chess competition next term, with those who do well progressing to the Delancey Chess UK Schools' Challenge next year.

Mrs Wells

Year 7 Cultural Visit for Pupil Premium Students

There will be a visit to some of Bristol's cultural venues for Year 7 Pupil Premium students on Wednesday 29th March. If your child is eligible to take part in this please contact Mr. Parsons, who will provide further information. There is no cost involved. The trip includes @Bristol, lunch at Za Za Bazaar, guided river cruise, shopping and sightseeing.

Year 8 students have their visit this week and we hope to have some photographs in our next issue.

Mr Parsons

Sports Update

Indoor Athletics

A team of 8 Year 7 girls recently took part in an indoor athletics tournament at Hanham Woods Academy. They won the tournament and will now progress through to the county finals.

The girls were: Lanie Ridler, Libby Weyman, Lilly-Mae McGrath, Hollie Wiltshire, Lily Bailey, Tilly Scott, Esmee Chard and Hannah Barrett.

Well done and good luck for the finals.

Mr Hawkins


The Year 8 Netball team, who had finished as South Gloucestershire champions, went through to the Quarter Finals on Wednesday 11th January (with 6 Year 7 players playing a year up) we played brilliantly against Priory School but lost 22-12.

Girls' Football

Recently the Year 9 &10 Girls' Football team were unlucky to finish in fourth place out of 10 teams in the Level 3 Games County Final. The team played exceptionally well with special mention of goal keeper Georgina Hunt, who had an outstanding game. She did not let a goal in until the penalties in the semi-final where she also scored a goal. Had we won the penalties we would have secured 1st or 2nd place!

The girls are shown photographed with some of the Bristol Academy first team.

Boys' Football

The Year 10 football team played away against Torquay Academy in the last 32 in the country. After a long journey down the boys were slow to start and went 2-0 down early on in the game, which pleased the hundreds of students watching the home side. Mangotsfield showed great heart and fought back levelling the tie and going into the second half 3-3. The excitement didn’t stop there as Mangotsfield went behind yet again early in the second half, before quickly levelling for 4 apiece. Some poor defending late on in the game saw Torquay score another couple of goals and win the tie 6-4, in what was a frustrating afternoon.

Man of the match was Oliver Hulbert. Goals from Oliver Hulbert (2), Ryler Towler and Max Williams.

Mr Hawkins

Cross Country

On Saturday 21st January Luke Iles, of Year 9 (Siston 2), ran for South Gloucestershire in the Avon Schools Cross-County Championship, finishing in 9th place and qualifying to run for the South West Schools Cross-County Championships in Truro on 4 February.

Congratulations and good luck for the SW Championships.

Badminton Success

Mangotsfield Girls are the KS4 Level 2 Badminton Champions. The County Badminton Finals were held at UWE on Friday 27th January. We will report on how they fared in our next issue.

Miss Clipston


Apprenticeship & School Leaver Programme Event

Apprenticeship & School Leaver Programme Event

Tuesday 14th March, 4.30-6.30 pm

Brimsham Green School, Yate

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Some employer comments from last year:

“It was a brilliant evening with lots of interest, well done looking forward to next year”.

“Just wanted to pass on our thanks for arranging and inviting us along to your recent Apprenticeship Event during Apprenticeship week this year. We attend a lot of these events - some good, some very disorganised, however the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that as a school, you not only included your own students but also invited those from neighbouring schools, was a refreshing change. We personally received a very good response from speaking to the students and already have a couple of students showing further interest in our study programme.”

“We found the evening a great success. It was very well organised and attended by lots of local businesses and schools. The pupils looked after us very well keeping us supplied with hot and cold drinks throughout the evening. We will definitely be back next year!”

‘It was great to have so many students attending the event and to see so many actively considering their future careers."

“The event was really enjoyable with lots of enthusiastic students (and parents) asking a plethora of questions, we greatly look forward to the next apprenticeship fair.”

Premium Partners

There are some some new apprenticeships on the Thornbury Premium Partners website. The website is regularly updated with opportunities.

Go to : for further information.

Many thanks

Tess Wilkinson

Director | Premium Partners for Schools

Business Development Manager | CSET

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