GIS School Newsletter

November 2022

Important Dates

Friday- November 4...End of Marking Period

Friday- November 11... Report Cards Sent Home with Student

Tuesday- November 15... No School

Thursday- November 24... No School

Friday- November 25... No School

Thursday- December 1... Picture Retakes

Counselors Corner... From GIS Counselor Kate Martell


School anxiety is awful for children and heartbreaking for caretakers. School anxiety is common across all grade levels, but it can look very different from student to student. It can look like an illness, with bellyaches and headaches, or downright defiance with tantrums and tears. Either way it can be difficult for everyone involved. As a caretaker, here are some suggestions you can do to help your student through this difficult time and empower them.

  1. Name what they are feeling. Anxiety is the brain’s response to a possible threat. The brain does not stop to think if the threat is real, it just acts. When it comes to school this can appear as a threat, because it is something new. Brains can be very believable, but not always correct.
  2. Let your student know that they are in charge of their brain. They can let their brain know, that they can do this and it can stop worrying. One way for them to control their brain is by deep breathing.
    · in through your nose for three,
    · pause
    · out through your mouth for three. (Pretend you are blowing out your birthday candles) This breathing will help the brain to chill out and you to become the boss again.
  3. Also it can help to make a list of things to tell your brain that you are ok.
    · You are brave, you are strong. Probably one of the bravest today, because you are feeling anxious, but are doing it anyway.
    · Your friends are at school.
    · You have teachers, principals, counselors that are keeping you safe.
    · School is strengthening your brain.

Anxiety impacts not only the student, but the people around them too. To the person experiencing anxiety, it can feel like it comes from nowhere and takes over control. When they can understand that it’s their brain taking charge and they are control it will help them to become the boss of their brain again. Which will empower them and give them strength to get through the day.

Picture Retakes

Picture retakes will take place Thursday, December 1st.

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Report Cards and Parent Teacher Conferences

Report cards will be sent home with your student on Friday, November 11th. At this time Gaylord Intermediate School will not be hosting a Parent Teacher Conference night. Your student's teacher will be reaching out to you to discuss current progress in this academic year. Please keep in mind that if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to the teacher at anytime.

Students at GIS decorated bags for an upcoming Veterans Day Event

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Student Transportation Reminders

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders:

  1. If there is a change in your student's transportation, we ask that you call the main office before 1:15 PM. Calling prior to 1:15 ensures that we can get the transportation change to the appropriate classroom before the end of the school day.
  2. Please respect the right turn only out of the GIS Stadium Parking Lot. (Signage states Right Turn Only)
  3. Please continue to support our crossing guards as we supervise students crossing busy intersections when leaving and coming to school.

We thank you for your continued patience in the parking lot for drop off and pick up.

GIS Office Hours: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday - Friday