Bodies of Water

By: Sloan Boursheski


  • Lakes are larger and deeper than ponds.
  • Lakes are normally freshwater.
  • Lakes have surface runoffs.
  • There are over 187,000 lakes in Finland
  • Lakes are stationary.
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  • Oceans are salt water.
  • 70% of the world is covered in oceans.
  • The Indian Ocean is the 3rd largest ocean in the world.
  • Amelia Earhart flew across the Atlantic ocean in 1932.
  • Oceans are flowing
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  • Glaciers can move one foot a day.
  • Glaciers store 75% of the worlds freshwater.
  • Glacial ice appears to be blue when dense.
  • 10% of land area in the world is covered in glacial ice.
  • Glaciers are freshwater.
  • Glaciers are flowing
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  • Small rivers can be called creeks, streams, and brooks.
  • Some major cities are located near banks of rivers.
  • Rivers can be used for fishing, bathing, or transport.
  • Rivers normally contain freshwater, but some have salt water including The Great Salt Lake
  • Rivers are flowing
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