Weekly Update

December 1-5

Next Week

Wednesday: Guidance counselors from CMS will be here to talk with the kids!

Thursday: DARE essays are due

December 15 - Field Trip to CMS for Music Program

Language Arts

This week we focused on identifying the main idea/supporting details as well as some wonderful discussions about a story's protagonist / antagonist. I told the kids, you all would be impressed to hear those words applied to book and movie characters in discussions at home! Try it and let me know how it goes! ;) Next week, we will focus on drawing conclusions and making inferences in our reading. Please remind your kiddo to bring their RTS book to school each day.

Our Greek and Latin root study has us investigating: multi-/ bi-/ uni-/ and auto-. It is becoming more and more "fun to crack the code" on the meanings of words we come across!

It looks like we will finish Mr. Lemoncello's Library next week- exciting and a bit sad at the same time. The students will be making something 3D in class as part of a book celebration activity that identifies elements of this book.


Rose: Decimals and Fractions

We are identifying rounding, comparing and ordering decimals to the thousandths place.

Jones: Computation with Fractions/Mixed Numbers

Students are applying computation problem solving

We will do a number investigation beginning next week. I love to have the opportunity to do math with our group!


We took our Rock Quiz today and will finish sharing the rock cycle projects on Monday.... and then we hit the road! We will begin learning geography terms and researching interesting clues to identify various states...with a holiday twist!

Writing Mentors

We are combining forces with Miss Altieri's second grade class to help them out with a writing project. On Tuesday, the students are meeting with a second grade student to help revise and edit a piece of their writing. This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to apply their knowledge and understanding of mechanics and usage to real life! I hope we inspire future book editors! I will try to snap some pictures of the workshop and post them next week.

Something Different!

A mini-literature design challenge today had the students using the scrap box and their knowledge of a character from Mr. Lemoncello's library to design a holiday card especially for that character. It was fun to see the outcome of limited supplies, love of a book, and a quick burst of creativity! See below:
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