Security and Exchange Commission

Established June 6th, 1934

Who was the program intended to help? What is it intended to do?

The SEC was created to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.
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Does this program fall under Relief, Recovery, or Reform of Roosevelt's New Deal?

Reform is programs created to prevent another economic downfall like the Depression and insure citizens. The SEC falls under this category due the fact that it monitors stock market activity and ensures that no fraud or insider trading is taking place.

How successful was it at relieving the economic crisis? Is it around today?

It succeeded by monitoring the stock market closely and doing what it can to make sure it doesn't fall like it had before. Today, the SEC maintains a database called EDGAR which investors can access information.

How does this add to your understanding of the Great Depression?

I understand more about how the stock market works and why it's so important to the economy. This New Deal program helps keep it where it should be to keep the economy from falling again.
What does The Securities and Exchange Commission do?

Three Highlights

The Securities and Exchange commission specializes in stocks and bonds. The SEC was created after following the great depression. The SEC’s mission is to successfully sustain a growing economy by improving living standards and insuring the people of the community stable jobs as well as investment. The SEC is like the police force when it comes to stock and investors. They enforce the laws when it comes to stocks and bonds they try to insure that all the “rules” are being followed.