By: Hayley Lown

Brief Biography

Michelangelo meets the castigilonas requirement because he was well-mannered,well-educated, and a master of many areas.

He lived in Florence, Italy.

He worked for most importantly three popes.


His mother died when he was six.

He was the second oldest of five sons.

He was hit on the nose when he was a teenager in art school, leaving him with a permanently crooked nose.

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Famous Works


a. David is a statue of a nude man.

b. The statue was controversial because many people didn't think that was appropriate at the time.


a. Pieta is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus.

b. The sculpture had religious value and many people appreciated it.

Sistine Chapel ceiling

a.The ceiling a depiction of the bible

b. The ceiling also had religious value and many people appreciated it.