Weekly Launch

Jan. 30-Feb. 3


Thank you for being a willing participant in our "morning meeting" on Wednesday. I appreciate all your suggestions and input. Just a reminder of what we came up with:

Morning Duty-

Be there at 7:45!

Be punctual

Be present-supervising-not visiting

Positive tone


Let team know if you are out

Afternoon Dismissal/Duty

Quiet in hallway

Actively monitor

Shared Responsibility

Consistent Expectations

Know transportation changes

Need to have a person on front porch

Students may read a book

Morning for Teachers

Be here by 7:45-text if you are running late

Please greet your students at the door

Consider starting every day with a morning meeting-Morning meetings have been added to the time to teach document because of their value!

Teacher Absences

If it is before 6:30-put absence in AESOP

After 6:30-call or text Jen-281-554-2885 or Suzi-832-656-4719 so we can put it into AESOP for you

You can text Angela to let her know you are out and put it in AESOP but she cannot get a sub for you

PLease have a sub binder and schedule available for your sub

Let Buckels/Saunders know when you are going to be out

Don't forget to bring your favorite Super Bowl dip, appetizer or dessert to share with everyone on Friday in honor of the Super Bowl.

Important Dates

Jan. 30-AMC Final #1 window opens-Kinder

2nd planning day

Mini-3rd grade

Jan. 31-Mini-1st grade

Five guys community night

Feb. 1

SPED planning day


Mini-2nd grade

Feb. 2-Wear your character shirt with jeans


Feb. 3-Character Connection

National Wear Red Day-wear red with jeans

Bring your favorite dip, appetizer, or dessert to share!

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Gratitude

Word of the Month--Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Wagner-2nd grade

Big image

Word of the Week-

Shout Outs

Shout out to:

PTA for International Night! It was a huge success!

Susan Rizzo for working so hard with our Rocket Boosters

Susan Bush, Pamela Baggett, Karla Skeen, Jessie Ting, Melissa Lavoy, and Leslie Schwanke for working so hard with our kids!

Our Gen Ed teachers who have SLL students in their classes-they work hard to help these students be successful!