Computer Hardware


Computer Harddrives

Computer Harddrives are bits and pieces of a computer which help you store very important information eg documents, photos,videos and even your operating system eg; your Mac os or your Windows (os) etc. Computer Harddrives is a processing machine whic helps you or allows you to store what ever important infromation and bits you need, way you can tell where you stored i, it will come in handy beacuse you know you stored it somewhere where you remember and all sorts of other ways a harddrive is very useful but it has some bad points to it aswell, like when you keep on storing and saving your work it tends to end up losing it storage and you mend up with a fulled up harddrive. But you can save your other important information with a memory stick, enough of that heres an example of an harddrive which might give you an idea of what it looks like: its and external drive at the top or te intrenal harddrive thats inside any computer underneath.

Opitical Drives

An Optical Drive is Similar to the internal drive at the top but its a disc drive that uses a special laser light to read whats on he disc so it can show you a preview on the monitor what on it and whats it previewing. Another way of saying it is its a disc drive that uses a laser light or its known as electro magnetic waves and it uses it power to recognize and read all the data it has provided in it whether its your documents videos films so on but it cant do this if the object like the disc it self if it is not near the laser light other wise it cannot recognize and your device or disc wont work. Here is an example:


A monitor is part of the computer that allows you to view various bits of information from the hardrive. The monitor is the main part of the whole computer. Without a monitor on your computer you wont be able to do anything really beacause you need a monitor to view, read, and reasearch all your work. A monitor could look various different ways depending on which one or style you prefer. Here is an example/picture:This is how a Monitor preview looks like. What the computer is previewing is the latest Window, Window 8.

Input devices

Input Devices are parts of the computer that are needed to actually use the computer itself. These are the keyboard, mouse, the built in webcam, the built in software eg: window os, mac os..., the hardrive itself and the monitor. The process for all of these equipment/devices are basic, the keyboard is for typing up your document, your piece of infromation and all of your bits needing typing up, the mouse is for pressing and editing all your work and the monitor is for viewing your information, as you already know. Hears a some quick pictures/examples of the equipment/deices below:

Output Device:

An output device is the external piece of equipment that you plug in to view whats inside the external device itself. Many parts of equipment/deices you plug in is an external device. An external device could be a memory stick, phone, iphone, mp3 and so on. An external device such as an memory stick is very useful because it saves you space by you putting your iformation leaving you some space behind tostore more things in and out of the compute hardrive itself. Here is an example of external device which as projector which you need to plug in to work:

Touch Screens

Touch screens are monitors that allow you to touch the screen with your finger.

for example say you wanted to look into something like text with your 2 fingers you can pinch to zoom in to preview the text your wanting to read and pinch out to look at the full preview of the website your looking at itself. Here is preview of the touch screen computer itself.