Kindergarten Connections

Ms. Crewalk's Classroom

Weekly Report

Dear Parent,

Happy snowy spring day, everyone!

This week, Kindergarten studied how feelings change. They listened to the fable, The Lion and the Mouse by Bernadette Watts and talked about how the lion's feeling changed toward the mouse by the end of the story. Our amazing words from the fable included entangled, trembling, jungle, beast, nibbling and snarled. In addition, the children took a closer look at the words the author use for movement like padded and scampered.

We are working on process of writing by creating a class poem. The class has completed their 1st draft and will continue the poem next week.

We are reviewing and practicing the sight words: they, of, you, and them.

In math, the students are solving addition problems using the plus and equal symbols. This week we used pretzel sticks and fruit snacks to make number sentences.

"What is matter?" has been the question of the week in science. They are observing and describing the differences of solids, liquids and gases this week and next week. Also in science, the kindergarten class will enter a group Science Fair Project to be displayed at the Chesterbrook in Sterling. The Science Fair will be held this Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 6:30 pm. This is a family event and I hope you can attend.

Thanks so much!

Have a good weekend!

Ms. Crewalk