Incoming Kindergarten Learners

Read a Loud with Mr. Esche

Enjoy this read a loud of “The Pigeon Has to Go to School” by Mo Willems

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Check out these Great Tips to Help your Child Prepare for Kindergarten

Practice Lunch Time

Take some time this summer before school starts to help your child prepare for lunch time. Pack a lunch and let them practice opening everything by themselves.

This can be very frustrating for learners if they aren't able to do this on their own.

Take a look at the graphic below for some helpful tips on lunch packing.

Also set a timer for 15-20min so your child can practice the lunch time routine.

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Scissor Skills

Practicing the use of scissors is another important skill your learner should be working on before they enter kindergarten. Take a look at this great resource on ways to practice cutting with scissors.

Promoting Independence

Encouraging Self Sufficiency is a great way to prepare your child for school. Take a look at just a few ways you can promote independence.

Parents remember to practice, be patient, and praise you child for their successes!!

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