Weekly Homework Assignments

For all subjects!

Sept 16 Vocab.

Name:____________________________ Date:_______________ Number:_________

Red Hot Word 40 Options Directions: Choose Three Activities to Complete

1. _____ Riddle Me This

Riddles-Create a riddle for 5 vocabulary word ( This can be posted on KidBlog)

2. _____ Silly Sentences ­

Write at least 10 sentences, with at least one of this week’s spelling words in each sentence.

3. ______ Story Words ­

Write a good story using at least 10 of your spelling words.

4. ______ Caption Words ­

Cut out a picture from a newspaper or a magazine and use spelling words to write a story about the picture. (5 words)

5. _______ Design Trading Cards

Create a set of trading cards for your vocabulary words. Be sure to include a meaningful sentence using each word. (no antonyms, and synonyms needed this week)

6. ______ Create a Crossword Puzzle

Using all of your vocabulary words, create a crossword puzzle. Be creative in the clues that you use. Do not always use the definition for the clue!

7. ____ Cartoon Words

Create a comic strip with illustrations using at least 8 of your spelling words.

8. _____ Illustrate It!

Make a booklet of words and their meaning using your own drawing

9. _____ Complete Vocabulary chart- Red Hot Words Complete 15 words charts: Definition, picture, sentence using the word, antonyms, and synonyms (NOT MANDATORY)

This week I am working on activities: _____________ _______________ ________________


Complete Pages ______/5

Pick one Option 1 ______/10

Pick one Option 2 ______/10

Pick one Option 3 ______/10

Test ______/100

Total Points: ___/135

4= 120- 135

3= 90- 120

2= 50-90

1= 0-49


Word List:

  1. detest: v to cease or discontinue

  2. obstacle: n something that stands in the way

  3. obstinate: adj, unyielding, stubborn

  4. persistent: adj, to continue steadily despite opposition or obstacles

  5. stability;n, the quality of being firm, not likely to collapse

  6. stamina, a, physical strength, endurance

  7. static: adj, unchanging

  8. stationary: adj, standing still, not moving

  9. stature;n, the height of any object, especially a person

  10. staunch: adj, characterized by firmness, steadfastness or stability

  11. eco- greek for house, habitat, or environment

  12. ecosystem: a community of living organisms

  13. ecology: the science concerned with the relationships between living things to each other and the natural environment

  14. organism: all living things within an ecosystem

  15. “terra”: Latin for Land