By: Vishwa A. TB:2

What is depression?

Depression is a strong mood involving sadness, discouragement, despair, or hopelessness. Depression affects people's emotions and moods. It twists their way of thinking. It can also affect people physically, causing body aches and pain.

Signs or symptoms of depression

  • Negative feelings or mood: involves a negative mood for weeks or more. Can be sad, discouraged, defeated, hopeless, helpless, alone, guilt, unworthy, rejected, or unloved.
  • Negative thinking: thinking things will never get better, thinking you are worthless.
  • Low energy or motivation: feel tired, drained, or exhausted. They do things much slower.
  • Concentration: hard to concentrate and focus. Hard to complete schoolwork and pay attention.
  • Physical symptoms: can get stomach pain or lose weight. Also, headaches and sleeping problems.
  • Social withdrawal: can pull you away from family and friends and activities you usually enjoy. Then you feel even more isolated and lonely.

How does it affect someone?

It causes someone to get angry, disagreeable, and argumentative. Causes low motivation, low energy, difficulty concentrating, and skipping school. Lastly, it can cause you to feel worthless.

Other names for depression

There are no other names for depression.

How is depression diagnosed?

It is diagnosed by a doctor, psychiatrist, physiologist, and other therapists. You can get a medical checkup, where a doctor can check for conditions that can develop from hypothyroidism or mono. You can talk to a counselor, where a therapist can help the patient understand their emotions, work out problems, develop positive things, and build confidence.

How is it treated?

Get the right attention and care. If it is not treated, it will stay the same or get worse. You can get support from parents, friends, or just adults you trust. Friends can listen to you, tell you things will get better, make you laugh, and give you compliments. Finally, you can get talk therapy, which helps understand your emotions, overcoming negative thinking, build confidence, and have positive thinking.

Interesting Fact About Depression

Depression is involved with chemicals and neurotransmitters.