KP Friday Focus: Weekend Edition

January 23, 2015

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School News

First ever KP Community Service Club Event!

Message from the KP Community Service Club:

Fern Street Community Kitchen

The faculty/staff will have the opportunity to serve dinner at the Fern Street Community Kitchen on Friday, February 20th. Please see the flyer and the spreadsheet below for more information regarding what we can do that evening! We NEED 15 volunteers present to make this a success. If you cannot attend, consider donating for the "door prizes" mentioned in the flyer. Please consider helping out in any way that evening. Thanks.

Sign up for our Next Building CSI

Superbowl Snack & Share --Jan 28th

Preparing for your own Super Bowl Fest (small or large)? Share a preview with your KP Friends and pick up some additional snack ideas while we prepare to learn from our colleagues. Don't forget to share the recipe so we can replicate it for game day.

A message from Staff Wellness

"Soup"-er Bowl Sunday is fast approaching! All staff, please enjoy a cup of chicken noodle soup in the cafeteria's kitchen and wear your sports (especially football) attire on Friday, January 30 to get excited for game day!

In Case You are Wondering: Where in the world is KP Admin?

  • All Day - Justin @ Bristow for Collegial Calibration
  • 1/2 Day PM - Marc out


  • All Day - Joy @ Conard for Collegial Calibration

  • 8:30AM-3:30PM - Marc @ Town Hall for Protective Management Training

  • All Day - Joy @ Town Hall for Leadership Meeting
  • 12:30-3:30 PM - Marc and Justin @ Town Hall for Extended leadership Mtg

  • Marc @ Conard for Collegial Calibration - All Day

Upcoming Events

January 26

  • Lunch & Learn - Multi Use Room
  • 8th Grade Electives Presentation - Period 8
  • UA Progress Reports due

January 27

  • Check sheets due
  • Parent/Guardian Workshop on Social Media - 7:00PM

January 28

  • Team Leaders - Full
  • CSI - Building
  • 8th Grade Orientation at Hall HS

January 29

  • Report cards distributed - last 10 minutes - period 9 students return to MA
  • Strings Pyramid Concert - 7:00PM

Professional Conferences of Interest

Professional Learning Opportunities This Summer

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The University of Connecticut, in collaboration with The Penn Center, Georgia Historical Society and other Sea Islands sites, announces Gullah Voices: Traditions and Transformations, two one-week NEH Landmarks of History and Culture Workshops to be held in Savannah, GA July 12-17 and July 19-24, 2015. Gullah Voices will examine the artistic expressions of the Gullah people, whose history, stories, beliefs, and creative expressions are critical antecedents to African-American culture and the broader American mosaic, as we know it today. We invite K-12 teachers, librarians, administrators and home schooling parents to apply. Participants will be awarded a $1,200 stipend toward the program costs. Application deadline is March 2, 2015.

Visit us on Facebook: Gullah Voices

For program description and application visit:

ISTE Conference --June 28-July 1

We'd love for 2-4 representatives from KP to attend this conference to further our integration of technology. We are able to cover the registration cost and mileage for a carpool vehicle. Wondering more about why I think this is such a cool conference then check out these presentations and if you want to know more about what is offered then click here. Time is of the essence. Let Joy know by Feb. 20th.

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