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I love this image on leadership. This is so true and we had so many people "SHOW UP" in December. We had our biggest month ever, period!!! Amazing! Holbrook Newman is officially in Qualification for Regional Vice President which is just awesome. So many things to look forward to in 2016. But let's recognize our DEC achievements first!!
Emily Steels is in Qualification for District Manager and I just know she is ready to take things to the next level in JANUARY! Let's do this my friend....... :)

DECEMBER Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) Leaders!

HATS OFF to this group with truly impressive numbers! Holbrook Newman is OFF THE CHARTS!

1 Catherine Holbrook Newman $17,521.00

2 Antoinette Mathis $9,401.00

3 Caroline Oliver $5,220.75

4 Jessica Mellon $4,419.40

5 Millicent Robertson $3,926.60

6 Josie Griffin $3,736.00

7 Margaret Lyons $3,224.80

8 Andre Lennon $3,167.00

9 Claudia Cogan $2,201.80

10 Emily Steels $1,640.20

DECEMBER Personal Sponsoring Leaders!

If you want to go into qualification for RVP, do what Holbrook is doing! 16 NEW PCSin DEC! SERIOUSLY?! Impressive.

1 Catherine Holbrook Newman 16

2 Josie Griffin 5

3 Caroline Oliver 5

4 Jessica Mellon 5

5 Margaret Lyons 4

6 Millicent Robertson 4

7 Melanie Buffett 2

8 Emily Steels 2


If you are on this list, you had a phenomenal DECEMBER! CONGRATS. Holbrook is over half way to earning the Arbonne Incentive Trip in terms of volume because of double points and bonus points from AUGUST. This girl is gettin' er done my friends. WAHOO! Antoinette had another amazing month despite having a ton on her plate in DEC. Impressive. Special recognition to Caroline Oliver who was working right through the close to pull these amazing numbers. This is very exciting!!

1 Catherine Holbrook Newman $18,934.20

2 Antoinette Mathis $9,401.00

3 Millicent Robertson $7,205.80

4 Caroline Oliver $5,220.75

5 Jessica Mellon $4,419.40

6 Josie Griffin $3,736.00

7 Nancy De Sa $3,516.40

8 Margaret Lyons $3,224.80

9 Andre Lennon $3,167.00

10 Janet Lindley $2,689.00


I missed this list by one sign up - but these four got it done! This is key to duplication in our business - AWESOME JOB you FOUR!

Jessica Mellon

Caroline Oliver

Josie Griffin

Holbrook Newman

DISTRICT MANAGER BONUS! $5000 in Central District VOL plus FIVE or more PC/CONS sponsored in your central District - an extra $200 in your paycheck for DOING THE DO! Do not leave this $$ on the table!

Holbrook Newman

Caroline Oliver

Millicent Robertson


AREA MANAGER BONUS! $20,000 in your central AREA plus TEN or more PC/CONS sponsored in your Central Area - an extra $400 in your paycheck! When you are consistently hitting this milestone, you are not far from REGION!

Holbrook had this done by MID MONTH! CRAZY AMAZING! Bravo my friend.

REGION BONUS!! $60,000K in your central REGION plus THIRTY or more PC/CONS sponsored in your Central Region - an extra $600 in your paycheck! WHOOP!

Millicent Robertson

Extremely humbled to have hit this goal in DEC which is truly a team effort - good news is that I will be gifting some of the incentive winners from my 90 day incentive and so this is going to come in handy!!!!


It has to be HOLBROOK NEWMAN who continues to amaze all of us with her stamina, persistence, leadership and more!! Incredible month and all I can say is - we are just getting started! So very excited for you - BOOM!
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I want to encourage all of you to set BIG GOALS for yourself and your business in 2016! Let's GO FOR IT! Each of you who are reading this can be at least one leadership title above where you are currently if not two! This team is ready to become a NATION with multiple REGIONS! I CAN SEE IT!!! DECIDE what you want and go get it my friends! XO

Millicent Robertson, Regional Vice President & Independent Consultant, Arbonne International