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Thomas Luther also known as Luke Bryan was born on July 17, 1976 in Georgia. He was the youngest in his family of peanut farmers. His family started his love for music by buying him a guitar. He later moved to Nashville after high school to pursue his dream of becoming a country music star.

It was not long before Capital Records signed a contract with him. In the summer of 2007, tragedy struck his family with the death of his sister. Only a few short years before he had lost his brother in a car accident. In 2007, Luke Bryan realeased some top hits that got him noticed by the public and the album, I'll Stay Me reached the top charts. Later that year, Luke Bryan also, released two number one hits, "Rain is a Good Thing" and " Someone Else Calling you Baby".

After the realease of these songs his carrer launched majorly. He continued on to win many awards and nominations including; American Country Awards, Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Most played Radio Track and many more.

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Luke Bryan's preformance at the Grand Ole Opry got him noticed by fans in. His family all came to support him and brought many perople to come watch him. This event is what statred his fame but the songs "Rain is a Good Thing", and "Someone Else Calling you Baby" sparked his popularity.

Top Songs

"Someone Else Calling you Baby"

"Roller Coaster"

"Drink a Beer"

"Crash My Party"

"Do I"

"Country Girl"

Top Albums

Crash My Party

Tailgates and Tanlines

Sprink Break...Here to Party

Characteristics of Country Music

Guitars are very common

Preformed for big stages, large audiences

Many diffrent sub categorys

Songs are about country life

Catchy Rhythms and lyrics

Luke Bryan - Roller Coaster

"Roller Coaster"

S- main vocals, drumset, bass, eletric guitar, back up vocals

H- drumset, bass, eletric guitar, back up vocals

M- main vocals

R- moderate in 4

G- intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, verse 3, chorus, outro

moderate- loud- moderate hill

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