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Hi! SuperRocketDog here and I would like to tell you a little about my Youtube channel. I do Roblox vids on it and LOVE doing them for my viewers. Unfortunately it is a private channel and only have 3 public vids so unfortunately you have to be subscribed to watch everything. Plz check out SuperRocketDog on You can also find me on as SuperRocketDog and Minecraft as path50074.

Below are the public videos I've made(In orders from oldest to newest).

Arc Commander Unit
Roblox Crystal Raiders Episode 1
ROBLOX Defend the Frontier Episode 1

My current ROBLOX person

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Three of my friends on ROBLOX

My Youtube Channel

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My Twitch Channel

Click this to check out my Twitch channel which has all my Minecraft videos going. But they are live streams so you can only see them live.