Bearcat Weekly

August 25, 2017

Bearcat Praises

Wow! What a great first week of school! I want to thank everyone for all their hard work this week in getting our students off to an excellent start for this school year!

As always, our front office staff did a tremendous job making sure our schedules were set and our 50 new students were registered! On multiple occasions I had to run out and get Anna to come back in because she just had enough but luckily she decided to stay :) Seriously, I truly appreciate, Galen, Anna, Margie, Cole and Suzie for all pulling together and getting us going for another year. I also have to thank my best friend Delayna :) along with Sherri, Sonia, and Eric for all their help with registration. Even though someone kept letting people in after 7pm during registration night they all stuck around and were extremely helpful making sure the correct paperwork was turned in for each student.

I also want to thank our 5th and 6th grade teams (and no 3rd and 4th grade that doesn't mean I don't love you any less :)) but they really stepped it up early on this year and set the tone with their students to make sure we limit and even eliminate a number of issues that could happen with those guys. I'm especially proud of my 6th grade teachers who have done a great job finding the balance between holding our 6th graders to high behavioral standards and also making them feel like they are the campus leaders. So thank you Lindsey, Jodie, Cindy, Sheva, Hillary, Clint, Debbie, Ciara, Barbara and Holly!

And lastly this week I want to thank EVERYONE for making sure our before and after school procedures are dialed in and working great. It takes a total team effort at both of those times and I couldn't be happier with the way this first week has gone. There were MANY times after school last year that I thought I wouldn't make it through :) but it's been a night and day difference already this year and I appreciate everyone's help!

Promoting College Awareness around Campus

Funny Facebook Picture of the week

So Mrs. Galen is notorious for getting pictures of people when they least expect it and posting them to Facebook. This one here made me laugh. I'm not sure Stephanie wanted her picture taken but she got it anyway! :) We love Stephanie and beware when you see Galen and her never know!!
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Mr. Johnson and his master chefs

Talk about some creativity in teaching. Mr. Johnson's students are learning about science, social studies and baking all at the same time! He was even teaching them proper manners when they are at a restaurant :)
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Next Two Weeks

August 29 - Nominations for the District Improvement Committee close

August 29 - 5th grade parent information meeting at 6pm

August 30 - 3rd and 4th grade team meetings during conference

August 31 - Congressman Burgess to present flags to PPIS at 10:30am

August 31 - 5th and 6th grade team meetings during conference

September 1 - PPIS Fundraiser Kickoff

September 4 - Labor Day Holiday

September 6 - Full MOON! BEWARE!!

September 6 - Campus Leadership Meeting at 4pm

Thank you all for a great week and have an amazing weekend! And don't forget to have some fun every now and then!

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