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APRIL 2019


*STAAR WRITING FOR FOURTH GRADE - STAAR Writing for fourth graders will be on Tuesday, April 9. It is important for us to provide optimal testing for the students so we do close campus on this day and asked that parents of all students not come to campus that day for lunch.

* PTO Meeting is Thursday, April 11 @ 9:30. Budget and officers for next year will be on the agenda.

* PTO CHOCOLATE SALES - We did a GREAT job selling chocolate! As soon as all money is accounted for, we stand to make over $19,000. AMAZING!!!!

* DESTINATION YMCA - Third and fourth graders will be attending a field trip to the YMCA. Fourth graders will go on Wednesday, April 17 and third graders will be going on Tuesday, April 23. This is a great opportunity for our students for some outdoor education.

*MOD PIZZA NIGHT - We are partnering with MOD Pizza in Portofino Shopping Center to raise funds for the PTO. We have scheduled our day for Tuesday, April 9. We get credit ALL DAY as long as you mention you are from Oak Ridge Elementary. Please take time to drop by, order a pizza or two, and support our school.

*KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION PICTURES - Will be taken on Friday, April 5 in the morning. Parents will get preview pictures shortly after the picture day and orders will be taken at that time.

*ExplOREtorium - Our annual spring garden night will be on Thursday, April 25. PTO in conjunction with the school highlights activities in the garden, a book fair, science activities, a food truck or two, and many other opportunities for family fun. Please mark your calendar and watch for more details to come.

*CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION/PICK UP EARLY - If you have a need to change your child's transportation, the best option is to send a note to the teacher the day of the change. If it is an emergency and you need to change during the day, the cut off for that change to be effective is 2:30 p.m. If you need to pick up your child early, you will need to be in the front office no later than 2:45 p.m.

*YEARBOOK ORDERS - Yearbooks are now currently selling for $26 each. They can be purchased at the link below.


Help us spread the word. Kindergarten Round Up begins on Monday, April 15 and runs through Friday, April 26. If you have a kindergartner in your home or friends around you, please let them know that registration opens April 15. Late night will be April 25 in conjunction with our ExplOREtorium night.

Suchma students will register here at ORE and your folders will automatically be transferred to Suchma as soon as they have the building completed.

Registration is completed online followed by an appointment from the registrar to collect final paperwork. The link below will take you the district enrollment page. When it becomes active, there will be button that says "NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION 2019-20." Click on that button to begin the process.


With the loss of our beloved Keith Wardrup, amazing teacher and gardener, we are in the process of raising funds to build an outdoor classroom in his memory. If you know of a business or other organization that might be interested in making a donation, please send the contact information to Tami Eldridge @

Fundraising will take place shortly but we are still working on the details.

Oak Ridge Feedback Form

Below is a link requesting parent feedback. This will be a permanent part of our monthly newsletter so that at anytime, you can provide feedback and/or ask questions. We will respond to the sender, if name is given, within 48 hours. Please take time to share your thoughts about our school and staff with us.


With the nice weather, try to get outside for a bike ride. Review the suggested bike safety tips first!

Enjoy your day,

Nurse Sims, R.N.

Bicycle Safety: Myths and Facts

Myth: My child doesn’t need to wear a helmet on short rides around the neighborhood.

Fact: The majority of bike crashes happen near home. Wearing a helmet at all times helps develop good habits.

Myth: Any helmet will work just as well as a bicycle helmet.

Fact: Only a bicycle helmet is made specifically to protect the head from any fall that may occur while biking.

Myth: I should buy a bicycle that my child will grow into.

Fact: Oversized bikes are especially dangerous. Your child does not have the skills and coordination needed to handle a bigger bike and may lose control.

Myth: It’s safer for my child to ride facing traffic.

Fact: Your child should always ride on the right, with traffic. Riding against traffic confuses or surprises drivers.

Myth: Children shouldn’t use hand signals, because signaling may cause them to lose control of their bikes.

Fact: Hand signals are an important part of the rules of the road. Children should be taught before they begin to ride.

Myth: Bike reflectors and a reflective vest will make it safe for my child to ride at night.

Fact: It’s never safe for your child to ride a bike at night.

About Bicycle Helmets

How can I tell if a helmet will keep my child safe? You should only buy a helmet that meets the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Check for this label inside helmet.

Where can I get a helmet? They are available at bike shops and some discount, department and toy stores. They come in adult, children and toddler sizes.

How should a helmet fit? It should be worn squarely on top of the head, covering the top of the forehead. If it is tipped back it will not protect the forehead. It fits well if it doesn’t move around on the head or slide down over the eyes when pulled. Adjust chin strap to fit snugly.


MORNING NOTES - If you are choosing to park and drop off your children, it is important that you park in a parking spot and walk your child to the door. Avoid parking behind someone, thus blocking them in, or parking in the entrance/exit to the parking lot. We do recommend that you drive through the line to drop off instead of parking and walking the child to the front. Tardies begin at 8:02 a.m. Please arrive early to ensure your child is not tardy to school.

AFTERNOON NOTES - Remember that you must enter the car rider line from Oak Ridge School Road instead of our driveway.

REMINDER - Don't forget when you are in the car rider line, it is against the law to be on your cell phone. (Not to mention that it is dangerous to our staff and students who are on duty.)

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STAAR Writing 4th grade - April 9

Kinder Round Up - April 15 - 26

ExplOREtorium Night - April 25

School holidays - April 19 & 22

Teacher & Nurse Appreciation Week - May 6 - 10

STAAR Math 3rd & 4th - May 13

STAAR Reading 3rd & 4th - May 14

Fun Day - May 24

Memorial Day Holiday - May 27

Kindergarten Graduation - May 28 @ 9:00 a.m.

Fourth Grade Graduation - May 29 @ 9:00 a.m.

Last day of school - May 30 - Early release day


2019-20 OFFICERS NEEDED!! Watch for a nomination form to be coming home shortly. We are in need of ALL positions so if you are willing to step up and help, we could use you!!!

MOD PIzza Fundraiser - ALL DAY on April 9

PTO Meeting April 11 @ 9:30 a.m.



When you shop at Amazon, make sure you use the website. (Prime accounts work at this website. The only difference is you register to have money earned sent to ORE) Designated Oak Ridge PTO as the benefiting organization. The money earned is directly deposited into the PTO bank account. Currently it earns about $10 a month. Let's do our best to up that amount! For more information or questions, contact our PTO.
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Our school alone has over $1500 in charges for either breakfast or lunch. We are working diligently to get those debts paid in full. You will receive an email from myself and a text message from the district when you owe money. Quickly taking care of this debt will be greatly appreciated.

If you need assistance with breakfast or lunch, free/reduced applications can be located at the link below. Mrs. Vera, our registrar, can assist you in completing this form should you need assistance.



3 - First grade field trip

5 - Kindergarten Graduation Pictures

9 - STAAR Writing for fourth grade - CLOSED CAMPUS for all

11 - PTO Meeting

13 - Early Childhood Fair at BB Rice Elementary

15-26 - Kindergarten Registration

17 - Fourth grade to YMCA

19 & 22 - School holidays

23 - Third grade to YMCA

24 - Fourth grade Vogel Visit

25 - ExplOREtorium Night