Endorsements & Propaganda

Channing Tatum Says Macey Beattie for President!

"I was a little uneasy about having a women president; just like a lot of other people, but after I heard Macey's speech she gave a few days ago it change my whole perspective of the election. If I could vote Macey Beattie a million times I would. She would make an awesome president. I am voting for Macey Beattie in November and YOU should too!!" - Channing Tatum
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"Tebowing" to Get Macey Beattie into Office!

"When I first graduated high school I was care free. I thought I had the whole world in my hands and on my side, boy was I wrong. I went onto college and realized how different the world was on my own, I didn't have my family to lean on when I was scared. Believe it or not, but in college I started to pay a lot more attention to politics and I feel like that got me a lot farther. During this whole election process I have had complete support for Macey! Lets Tebow together and vote for Macey!"- Tim Tebow

Carrie Underwood Signs Her Vote With Macey Beattie

"Being a musician is tough, it is really hard to decided where I want to sign to sing. Choosing where to sign is just like choosing a president. You have to read carefully. See who offers the best. Who fits the position the best. You have to put your trust in them and know they won't let you down. That is why I think Macey is the perfect person for the job. Being president is a huge responsibility and I know she will never let me down. She won't let you down either.. Vote Macey Beattie For President!!- Carrie Underwood
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My Form of Propaganda

For my ad I chose to use endorsement for my type of propaganda. Endorsement is an act of giving one's public approval or support to someone or something. Whenever you see an endorsement ad you usually see a lot of familiar faces. Ninety-nine percent of people won't even listen to what the people on the ad are saying they are just going to vote for who they're voting for because they are very fond of that person. On most endorsement ads you will see something like, "Channing Tatum is voting for Macey Beattie, YOU should too!" This draws in a lot of voters, especially younger voters from 18-24 who could care less about the election. Whether or not you believe it all types of propaganda is used every single day.